A Letter to Beautiful, Driven YOU

Australian seascape at dawn. Ocean sand shore at sunset western australia

Dear beautiful, driven you~

You can feel the call, can’t you? It’s this ache, half in your heart and half in your belly. It lives – like a part of you with its own heartbeat. It is of you but not you.

Am I right? Gohd, I know. I know exactly how this feels, in my own way in my own body.

Here’s the thing, sweet friend. That feeling is there because you are designed for this.

Not designed like better than anyone else, of course. Simply designed for this kind of contribution, the one that right now feels too scary and uncertain to carry out. That fear is there because your call matters a lot. It’s going to change things for real people. It’s going to push you to find out what you are capable of, what you are willing to do for great work in the world.

You were given the crazy mix of a big powerful call and the life lesson of moving through thick fear to realize it.

You’ve probably tried ignoring it. I sure did so I completely understand the desire to retreat from it.

Isn’t it so freaking angering (at first anyway) that you can’t just turn away from it?

Here’s what I know for sure:

We are made to do great work. Our great work.

The work we are uniquely designed to create and deliver. It’s in our biology – and in our spirit and soul.The Call is Fierce

That great work looks wildly different for each of us. Sometimes it’s obvious spiritual work (ministry even) but often times it comes in the form of business leadership, helping to develop a team of people or championing important ideas in your work. It might be you simply taking a stand for what’s right – what’s needed – at whatever level you lead in the world.

It might feel like an intense personal desire to push aside fear and say what you really mean to say, even at the risk of standing out and being contradicted.

Doesn’t matter how it shows up. The call is fierce. We know when we feel it.

We aren’t born knowing how to deliver on this call.

This is the work of our lives – figuring out how to show up for it, to do great work on behalf of it.

But we are made to reach our edges, don the gala wear sometimes and even pick up the ax and brush. That part is in there waiting for us, when we are ready to do what it takes.

We can’t know how it’s supposed to turn out. We can only reach into the darkness for the sweet satisfaction of a step to ascend, our fingers feeling for the railing, blissed out to at least find a balancing rope.

The light is ahead.

Yes, there is more darkness too. (We have flashlights for this. I’ll show you.)

Let's play with every every ounce of ourAnd the riches and deep satisfaction of work that changes things, that serves in a way we had no way of knowing was possible.

We show up. We push ourselves beyond known edges. We watch ourselves, amazed at what we can do on game day.

Yes – game day, my friend. Let’s go there. Let’s play with every ounce of our being. Because this is where we serve at our highest.

I’m here. I’ve been there in the dark – still find myself there sometimes. But now I know how to navigate through the sweaty work of it. I know it’s worth it because I get to see real lives change as a result of taking the risk.

You can do this, too.

You wouldn’t be here, still reading, if this wasn’t yours too.

Welcome, dear friend. I’m so thrilled you’re here.

With love and deep respect for your great work,



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