IF Today Practice… Welcome

Welcome. I am deeply happy thinking about how this process will serve you, your speaking and your work (and life overall). It is very difficult for me to describe how much it has changed mine.

This first video is a welcome and overview, with a quick version of my own story about creating this process.

**Click here to download the IF Today… Practice Worksheet**. Use this to work through the process described in the video below.

Here is exactly how to take yourself through the IF Today Practice:

While this process is definitely one you can do on your own, every day and I am confident your life will open up in amazing ways as a result, you don’t have to venture on this journey alone. Know that I am here, ready and thrilled to serve you in whatever ways possible. I invite you to visit what I now think of as my commitment manifesto – my Letter to Beautiful, Driven YOU. In this letter I share with you my heartfelt commitment to serve you.

To your inner freedom and beautiful self expression in your work – and your life overall,