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Message on a Mission Speaking Strategy Session 

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You’re tired of playing small with your speaking and you know it’s time to step up your game.   You keep telling yourself that you’re going to get out there bigger and bolder with your message… but you aren’t really doing it – not the way you want to.

You have a lot of confidence and passion in your work. But, frankly, you notice that you are not taking the bold stand that you want to with your message. You hate it, but you know that you are letting negative thoughts and unfounded fears get in the way of higher level speaking opportunities. 

Plus – how do you even get speaking opportunities? Do you reach out and pitch ideas? Should you wait for them to come to you? Should you charge to speak or do most people start by speaking for free? If you speak for free will they undervalue your work or expertise?

There are just so many questions it gets overwhelming – and paralyzing.

If you could get past all of these questions and into action, you know you’d make a real impact on your audience’s lives and enjoy seeing your business grow so naturally through speaking.

You know it’s time to stop thinking about this and take clear and focused action. 

The truth is, in spite of all of this struggle you have felt in getting started, you are so ready to take your whole speaking game up a level – or three.

This is about more than becoming an “amazing speaker” – it’s about changing lives and serving people with truly valuable content. Your captivating speaking will not only serve them in the moment, but it will also draw the right people to work with you further – and that’s where you can serve them even more powerfully.

And I am so ready to help you do this!

For the last fifteen years, I’ve had the awesome experience of helping over a thousand people become more confident, clear and engaging speakers. They get to change lives every day (and enjoy exciting business and career growth too!) because they are committed to sharing their message far and wide. 

Just imagine… 

Feeling excited and ready to share your message with audiences full of people you are meant to serve. That zingy feeling in your heart when you know that what you have to share is going to light them up and make their lives better. And then the thrill of having the right people come up afterward to talk further about working with you.  

How confident you’ll feel when talking to meeting organizers or company leaders about your speaking. Instead of anxiously anticipating these conversations, you’ll be excited to share your message and how it will delight their audience. 

The sweet proud feeling you’ll have as you send event organizers to your awesome speaker page. We will make your page so clear, captivating and engaging, the right organizers won’t be able to resist! 

When we’re done, you will feel confident and ready to change a whole lot of lives – and naturally grow your business – by taking your message on this speaking mission. 

As a result of your Message on a Mission Speaking Strategy package, you will…

  • Know exactly what steps to take to increase your speaking opportunities, no matter where you are starting as a speaker
  • Feel excited (instead of secretly nervous) about telling meeting organizers to visit your speaking page and then book you to speak! 
  • Have at least one (likely more) talk title that you can offer to groups right away
  • Know exactly what kind of groups to reach out to that will enjoy your message and bring you new clients you love 
  • Feel way less nervous when you prepare and deliver your speeches thanks to an exciting toolkit of anxiety-reducing tools! 

This package includes:

Message on a Mission Speaking Strategy Prep Guide

It feels fabulous to get started right away, doesn’t it? 

This prep guide will take you through questions to help you feel even more excited about your speaking mission.  You’ll feel increased clarity and insights even before we have our session! 

Speaker Page Review

Whether you currently have a page or not, you’ll learn how to make your speaker page irresistible to the right meeting organizers so you get booked for the very best speaking opportunities for you and your business.

Message on a Mission Speaking Coaching Session

Here’s where we dig in together! During this 60-minute session, we set you on a path for reaching the right audiences, putting everything in place to support them in saying “Yes!” to you and get you ready to make the most of your speaking events afterward.  

Check-In Support Call 

A couple of weeks after our initial session, we spend 30 minutes on the phone refining your plan, answering questions and sharing any new ideas that help you continue to rock your new speaking vision. 

Speaking with Ease Toolkit

Speaking anxiety is built into our biology! Very few (if any) of us are completely without this pesky speaking companion. You’ll have access to my super special toolkit full of anxiety reduction strategies. I promise – you’ll love them (and probably use them in a lot of areas of your life!)

You can do this! Your message is meant to serve others – and you are meant to thrive in your work. You’re going to love the feeling of stepping powerfully into this bigger vision. You just need some partnership, support and a great plan to get yourself out there. I can’t wait to help you do that. 

Investment: $149


You ready? Excellent! Here’s how to get started:

Step 1. Make your payment here:

Step 2. Within 24 hours you will receive a link to schedule your session. 

Step 3. After your session is booked, you will receive your Ready to Speak! Strategy Prep Guide via email so you can fill it out and send it back to me before our session

Step 4. Then we’ll hold your session and get you on your way to being Ready to Speak!

Have questions? Email me. I’d love to answer them for you!