Speak So It Matters – The Online Training Course

Speak So It Matters – The Online Speaking Course will be offered again in early 2016. 

You know that the work you do truly changes things for people.

You’ve seen it happen with your clients again and again. And now you’re so ready to share your message in a much bigger way through speaking.

You want to change more lives with your learning and expertise. You want your story to be an inspiration to others who are feeling hopeless, possibly even going through exactly the kind of thing you struggled through.

And yes, you want to enjoy a thriving business by doing your meaningful, life-changing work.

You know that speaking is the most powerful way to change a lot of lives at once. You’ve also seen how incredible clear, confident and content-rich speaking can be for attracting clients who are really ready to change their lives. You want to tap into this awesome way of growing your business and making your difference in the world.

But you have no idea where to start!

Woman_speaking1So many questions run through your mind at once. Things like:

  • How do I structure my speech so that it is captivating and inspiring to the audience?
  • What do I do with my hands, my body, my nervous energy while I’m up there speaking?
  • Should I use presentation slides – and if so, how do I create ones that aren’t boring?
  • Should I tell my own personal story – if so, how much of it and when is the right time in my speech to share it?

Then there are the business decisions related to your speaking:

  • Can I really make money from speaking?
  • How do I find the right opportunities so that I actually attract clients?
  • Is it possible to deliver a fantastic speech that attracts clients without being salesy?

It’s overwhelming to try to figure all of this out on your own.

And it’s perfectly right and good that you don’t have all of those answers. After all, your job is to be the very best coach or wellness mentor for your clients. You’re meant to spend your time and energy mastering your beautiful expertise and offering the gift of that expertise to your community.

Yes, It’s Possible

Business woman giving presentation

I know because I’ve done it. I’ve felt the incredible satisfaction and honor of having audience members line up after my talk to tell me how important and powerful the information I shared was for them. I’ve gotten the emails two weeks later sharing how their lives were changed.

I’ve been delighted by new clients handing me their business cards, asking me to call them, as I walked back to my seat after speaking.

You, your story and your expertise can do this for people, too!

Imagine how awesome you’ll feel standing in front of that room full of people and sharing your wisdom in a way that truly makes their life better. See yourself doing this with confidence and powerful grace — and in a way that inspires them to become your loyal client.

I can help you get there.

I’ve spent over twenty-five years mastering the speaking and teaching craft — and helped over a thousand people along the way to become captivating and inspiring speakers.

In the last six years, I’ve helped many coaches and wellness experts craft messages and speeches that naturally attract clients they love.

This course begins in early 2016. 

If you know you want to participate and you’re ready to cut to the chase, you can click the button below to register right away. Because this course includes a significant amount of one-on-one feedback from me, I’m capping the enrollment at 10 people. If you know you want this, please sign up quickly. I expect seats to fill fast.

Course doors closed. Join us next time for sure, ok? Can’t wait!

Only 10 seats available.

Until now, the only way to work with me on crafting your Thought Leadership Speech was to hire me as your one-on-one coach. No question that’s the fastest and most powerful way to accomplish your goal. But it’s also the most expensive, starting at $1,200 for the essential speaking program and going up from there.

I created this course now because I believe wholeheartedly in your power as a coach and/or wellness professional to bring incredible healing and ease to the lives of your clients.

I have my own personal story about how coaching and holistic health have both served me and my family in truly beautiful ways. This is my way of giving back and paying it forward.

People need what you have to share.

You can change a lot of lives with your message. It’s time to share it with clarity and confidence — and attract the clients you want so much to serve.

Here’s how the Speak So It Matters™ for Coaches & Wellness Professionals course will help get you there:

There are six weekly lessons in toWoman-sitting-in-armchairtal. You receive one lesson per week directly to your inbox.

Each lesson includes prompts for sharing with our private discussion group to help you invite valuable feedback from me and the rest of your class community.

These lessons guide you through a specific, step-by-step process for creating your Signature speech. This is not a theory course — it’s an action course. (Expect to spend 1-2 hours a week on course content.)

Immediately upon registration, you’ll receive two things:

  1. A pre-course workbook exercise that will set you up for maximum success in the course.
  2. A materials shopping/gathering list to make your course experience extra fun and colorful.

woman_writingI love engaging learning through as many senses as possible and will share with you many strategies for using color, drawing, movement, action, and images to enhance your own speaking. I also demonstrate the many ways to engage your audience by using these tools to teach so you can see and feel them live and personally.

Course details:

Weekly Lessons

Each week you receive a new multi-media lesson. Each lesson includes:

  • Video and/or audio
  • A summary and time-marked guide to the content in the lesson for easy review
  • Worksheets so that you can apply what you learn immediately to your own business
  • Checklists, templates and any other support materials to ensure your success through the lesson


You’ll be invited into a private Facebook Group where you can get valuable feedback from me and others in the course. I’ll be present every day during the live course period.

Two Group Calls

We’ll meet live two times during the course to answer any questions you have about the material or anything else related to your speech.

Individual Speech Outline Feedback

When you send me your speech outline draft, I’ll give you specific feedback, suggestions and ideas to make your outline even better.

Presentation Slide Feedback

When you send me a sample of your presentation slides (three slides), I’ll give you specific feedback, suggestions and ideas to make your slides even more captivating and useful to your presentation. I’ll also offer suggestions for other types of amplifying aids you might consider in your presentation. (This offer is good for two months from the start of your course).

Speaking Delivery Feedback

When you upload a sample of your speech to vimeo.com (password-protection available), I’ll give you specific feedback, suggestions and ideas to improve your delivery. If you choose, you may also invite group feedback about your delivery. I’ll teach a very clear and conscious evaluation technique that will guide us all in giving feedback in a way that’s useful and still encouraging and kind.


SoulPower_CVR_EmailA digital copy of my book, Soul Power to Your Message. This is a step by step guide for creating a life-changing speech. While we cover much of this material in the course, I’ve heard over and over again that the simple workbook style of this book is so useful that I want to be sure you have it in your toolbox.

The Complete Guide to Creating a Speaking Page that Compels Meeting Organizers to Book You to Speak. A simple PDF guide, with checklist, to help you get your Speaking page up on your website quickly. (Your page doesn’t have to be fancy to attract new speaking opportunities.)

The course modules:

  • 1. How to use speaking to grow your business.
    • Two ways to make money from speaking (that most people don’t realize)
    • How to get hired to speak (what you need to have in place & how to explain your ROI to organizers)
    • How to share your message through compelling teleseminars, webinars and other online formats.
    • How to get new clients directly from speaking (without icky selling-from-the-stage)
    • Your Rooftop Message (what it is and why it is so essential to your successful business and speaking career)
    • Your Ideal Clients (and how to find them in audiences)
    • How to get speaking opportunities (even when you haven’t spoken much before)
  • 2. Your Thought Leadership Speech – What to say and how to say it
    • Who you serve with your speech and how to totally captivate them
    • How to choose the best content for your audience
    • The only speech outline you’ll ever need
    • How to customize every speech without starting over every time
    • Create presentation slides — with grace and clarity
  • 3. Delivering your Speech with confidence, ease, and natural charisma (you have so much natural charisma, you have no idea!)
    • Super fun audience engagement activities that work with most situations
    • The art of being an irresistible speaker
    • How to use your body during your speech for maximum impact (in a completely natural way)
    • How to use your voice and other little-known speaking strategies for keeping your audience leaning in during your entire presentation
    • Fun and playful body movements and voice exercises to get your body, voice – and heart and soul – ready to speak! (These are client favorites!)
    • How to handle Q & A sessions, even when they ask questions you don’t know how to answer  –  and still end your talk with powerful impact
  • 4. How to make the most of your speaking through ease-creating systems before and after your talks
    • The best way to inspire connection beyond the speaking event and how to compel your audience to make that lasting connection
    • What you need to have in place before you speak so that you’re happy to have a whole line of clients ready to get started when the speaking session ends
    • What you must have on your speaker’s page and how to create it in just a few hours, or less (It’s simple! Even if you don’t have a lot of experience speaking.)
    • Documents and emails you want to have at the ready to share with meeting organizers as well as new clients after an event
  • 5. Storytelling 101 – How to tell any story in a way that captivates the audience and inspires them to action
    • Why even your personal story is not about you
    • How much detail and which parts to share so that your story has the impact it’s meant to make
    • The elements of a great story (important pieces you want to include so you enjoy telling the story and your audience remembers it)
    • Why stories trump all other forms of content (except when they don’t))
  • 6. Putting it all together – Speaking So It Matters, every time
    • Examples of speeches that move people to action
    • The evolution of a great speaker (and how you’re further along than you probably already know)
    • The mindset you need to really be a thought leader in your industry (I’ll give you a lot of tools you can come back to again and again)
    • A tool for the most important work you’ll ever do to become the speaker – and life-changing coach and wellness professional – you are intended to be

Blank-notepad-over-laptopAs you can see, this course covers a whole LOT of material. But here’s what I want you to know: I promise to guide you every step of the way.

I believe in giving the cleanest, clearest training possible and you can expect that in this course, too. I’ll be there for your questions and your ah-has! And I’ll be there to encourage you and offer ideas for making your presentation the best possible.

My goal is that you are fully empowered and inspired to craft and deliver your amazing, client-attracting Signature Speech.

Here’s what you’ll have when you complete the course:

(Assuming you work through the assignments, take advantage of the individual coaching included and get support when you need it)

  • A content-rich, beautifully organized speech that expresses your thought leadership, offers excellent content to your audience and attracts awesome clients, naturally.
  • A clear and compelling message that can be shared in many formats – stages, in small group settings, teleseminars, webinars and even in your writing and publishing (often my clients take their speech material and use it to publish articles or even finally begin their book).
  • An excellent toolkit full of mindset shifters, audience engagement exercises, body movement strategies, templates, checklists and guides for every aspect of creating, delivering and building your business through speaking.
  • Body language tools that immediately change the chemistry in your own body to increase feelings of confidence and ease as well as ones that are powerful tools of connection with your audience. (These are not unnatural body movement tips that will leave you feeling awkward and inauthentic in your delivery. They simply support your own natural movements.)
  • A complete system for creating any presentation, any time that can be adapted for uses in many other areas of your life: community advocacy, teaching, even family gatherings.
  • Clarity in your core business message that will translate across every aspect of your business – website copy, blog writing, book writing, networking, more.

How your life will be better as a result of your working through this course:

There is no more powerful way to change a lot of lives at once than content-rich, captivating speaking. A whole room full of people hearing your story and getting to take home your truly life-changing wisdom — that feels amazing!

But beyond that? There’s also no better way to naturally — with ease – attract awesome new clients.

If you truly apply yourself in this course, you’ll walk away with everything you need to realize those two crucial aspects of doing the kind of work that you’re on this Earth to do.

Course doors closed. Join us next time for sure, ok? Can’t wait.

*This is the first time I’m offering this course online, which is why the investment is below market. In return for giving me lots of feedback on the course itself (and for your patience through potential glitches), you’ll save a substantial sum.

You’ll have access to the recorded elements of this course as long as it’s available online, including any upgrades to the material I share. The feedback portion of this course (slides, speech delivery video and speech outline) are all one-time only offerings and expire two months after the course ends.

Q & A:

Will you be offering this course again?

I sure hope so! But it won’t be at this price. While this is an online course and largely self-paced, it does have a significant amount of one-on-one feedback. Really, it’s not scalable at this price. But I want to learn as much as I can during this beta round, which includes asking for feedback and grace as we work out first rev details. I promise – the course will be worth way more than this price. This is a cool opportunity to learn exactly how to craft an awesome speech at the lowest investment I have ever offered, and likely ever will. And we all know how powerful speaking is for establishing authority and attracting clients, right? Along with asking for feedback and grace, I want to thank you for being willing to join in on the early phase with an exciting price. Rest assured, you have nothing to lose. You will have access to the course and all upgrades for as long as the course is available. (Though the one-on-one feedback expires 60 days after the final module in your course goes out.)

Will this course help me if I do most of my speaking online through webinars, teleseminars and summits?

Absolutely. Having a crystal clear, compelling message that truly serves your audience might be even more important when you are speaking in online formats than in person. In many of these cases, you are solely dependent on your voice – and possibly some visuals – to keep their attention. You need to create rapport and establish credibility in different ways. We talk about how to do that in this course. The captivation and inspiration techniques in this course will help you do that. That said, this is not a course on how to create and deliver webinars or teleseminars. There are many technical aspects of creating and delivering in those formats that are very specific and outside of the scope of this course.

How much time will this course take to complete?

As with any course, you get to decide how much time and effort you put into it. I would set aside 1-2 hours a week to work through the module and begin crafting the elements of your speech. There are two live Q & A calls during the 8 weeks which you will want to attend if at all possible. Recordings will be sent out as well but the live interaction is such a great opportunity for you to get specific feedback on your questions. As far as time investment, you probably already know that the very best speakers, the ones who make a huge impact in the lives of their audience members, spend a lot of time preparing. So you may decide to put in more hours, which I full-heartedly support. (I spend weeks working on every single new speech myself, but it doesn’t look the way you might think. More on that in the course.) I’ll teach you how to integrate a lot of this kind of preparation into your every day life so that it does not feel so huge.

When does the course begin and how often do we get new modules?

The course officially begins May 19th, when the link to your first module will appear in your inbox. You will receive a new module every Tuesday after that until you have a total of 6 modules. Actually, there is a bonus module and a prep module, so you will have a total of eight modules. Your prep packet goes out immediately upon signing up so it could be argued that the course begins the moment you sign up if you choose to step straight into action. (Yay purposeful action!)

How is the course delivered? What is the platform?

You will receive an email every Tuesday with a link to your module for that week. That link takes you to Ruzuku, a beautiful online learning platform, where you will find your multi-media lesson, post questions and be able to share insights, as you wish. You can go back to that lesson as often as you’d like. This is also where you can join a module specific discussion with your classmates. You will love the interface. It’s so easy and pleasant to hang out in.

How do I know if this course is right for me?

This version of Speak So It Matters™ is created specifically for coaches and wellness experts. The examples, stories and guidance all revolve around health, wellness and life and business coaching topics. If you are doing transformational work of any kind, this is your speaking course. I will offer future versions of Speak So It Matters™ for other groups (corporate leaders, non-profit leaders) so if this doesn’t fit your professional area, stay tuned.

Will this course teach me how to actually write and deliver my speech?

Yes. This is exactly what the course is designed to do – give you the entire step-by-step process of crafting and delivering your speech. We also talk about how to use speaking to grow your coaching and wellness business.

Do we get one-on-one coaching from you as a part of this course?

Yes, in a very specific, email-based way. There are three areas where you get specific feedback from me, if you submit your work within the designated time frame: 1. Your speech outline, 2. Your delivery (via a video clip you share with me), and 3. Your presentation slides. In each case, you send me your work (or a link to your work) and I will enjoy reading through/watching/looking it over and giving you specific cheerleading for the great parts and suggestions to make it better. Important: this one-on-one consulting offer expires 60 days after the final module goes out in your specific class session.

Is this a completely self-paced course or are we going through the material with a group of others?

You will be a part of the course with up to 10 other coaches and wellness professionals. Since the course is largely self-paced (except for the time constraints on Live Q & A calls and the 60-day limitation on one-on-one feedback from me), people are likely to be on a different schedules. I highly recommend hooking up with a buddy early on and working through the material together, though, if that sounds interesting to you. Having someone else for accountability and idea-sharing can be amazing for getting great work done. But that part is up to you. You know how you work best. We have the discussion threads within the modules plus the Facebook Group for ways to get feedback and share ideas, so you definitely do not have to feel alone as you go through the course.

What if I am not happy with the course? Can I get a refund?

I want you to be delighted by this course. I have built it with the express intent to amaze you with it’s specific and direct explanation and step-by-step guidance on how to craft a compelling speech and deliver it in a way that changes lives and attracts clients. I absolutely know that there is no other course in the world that delivers this promise for Coaches and Wellness Professionals as powerfully as this course. I am so confident you are going to love it. But, of course, you have to do the work in order for this course to work. If you work through two modules and can show me the work you have done and still just don’t feel like it was the right course for you, I will happily refund you your money. I know this course won’t be for everyone. We remain friends no matter what! I respect you and your time and resources a great deal.


A personal note to you,

I want you to know that every sentence written, video recorded and exercise in this course was created with tremendous love and respect for the work you do. That I get to play even a tiny part in your beautiful, life-changing work in the world is a tremendous honor – whether you choose to take advantage of this course offering or not. Thank you for doing work that truly matters.