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Best presenter of all the sessions I attended. Very engaging, passionate and sincere.”

My first and deepest work love is speaking and I’ve been told it shows in every session I deliver (you can see what others have to say about my speaking below).

If you are looking for an interactive keynote speaker or session facilitator who will engage your audience and delight them with a refreshingly lively yet content-rich presentation, let’s talk.

Here are the topics that seem to light up my audiences most – and which I love to share:


Speaking_photo_21-300x225 Speaking with Heart & Impact: How to Craft and Deliver a Captivating and Inspiring Thought Leadership Talk

You know what we love about TED Talks? We love that the speakers have put so much thought, care, practice and planning into those speeches. They have distilled their expertise down to the essence of what they know is true – the most important thing there is to say about their work. They take that gorgeous content and mold it into a talk that is most compelling for us to hear, most captivating for our brains and reaches deepest into our hearts. This is the essence of speaking with heart and impact. That’s what I teach you how to do in this talk. From clarity of exactly what you want to say to the precise speech structure most likely to keep the attention of your audience all the way to storytelling and visuals that engage, this talk will move you from wishing you could do a TED talk yourself to having a powerful toolbox to actually craft and deliver that TED talk very soon.

Thank you again for the terrific presentation you gave to our group on Tuesday. Everyone from President to HR manager learned something new.  At our dinner that evening, and also on Wednesday, I continued to hear great comments about your talk.  Warmest regards,
Rebecca Spooner, VP of Administration, Colson Associates

Step Into Your Authentic, Powerful Voice: Get Crystal Clear on Your Expertise and Release the Fear That Keeps You From Sharing It

speaking_photo_3Do you know what the biggest obstacle to our greatest impact is? It’s fear. It’s the old stories, limiting beliefs and negative thoughts that tell us we aren’t good enough, we don’t know enough, that we need to do something more to be ready to share our voice and our message right now. The thing is – these are lies. They are the most hurtful lies, too, because they keep us from serving others with our stories and our message.

In this talk I share two of my most crazy awesome tools for stepping boldly into your distinctive voice and message and for releasing the fear that keeps us from doing our greatest speaking and work. First, I walk us through the exact process that reveals our clearest core message which offers our expertise to those who need it most. Second I share my own practice for releasing fear, the IF Today… practice. This simple, powerful practice is the single most important thing I do every week (sometimes daily) to support my own speaking and expression in the world. It changed everything for me when I began using it and it will do that for your audience, too.

Michelle ~ Rave reviews! Fabulous! Fabulous! Thanks a million.  Joan (and the Board)

The Art of Telling Your Story: How to share your story of transformation in a way that captivates and inspires your audience to action.

Sharing our personal stories is the most powerful way to captivate and engage our audience. Yet, we struggle with exactly what to share and how to share it in the most engaging way. In this talk, I share three questions that will reach deep into your experience and reveal the best story for your ideal audience. We talk about how to tell your story in the way most likely to touch your audience deeply and how much is too much – and even when to “overshare.” Of course, no great storytelling talk happens without addressing ways to release the fear that keeps us from sharing our most meaningful, life-changing stories. I’ll share my most powerful fear releasing tips too. This is a powerful talk that moves people to action.

Dear Michelle, Thank you so much for your recent presentation. We could spend hours listening to you and all of your knowledge.  We are so grateful for your eloquent expertise. ~ Julie and the NEW Board

Your Natural Charisma Style: Reveal the three custom words that will empower you to step into your most engaging, confident and super-powered self in all of your expression

What if you had a personal style statement that would act as a crystal clear guide for how to express yourself in the world? What if you could actually choose these words yourself to be sure they feel completely and wholeheartedly YOU? Through my proprietary Expression Élan process, I will guide attendees into revealing their very own custom three word combination that will describe their personal (and business, too, if they choose) brand, remind them of their priorities and push them to express themselves at the edge of their own brilliance as they share their Beautiful Work in the world. We also define these words so they can be used to pick colors, images and feelings for websites and logos, help clean out closets (and shop for new outfits), decide what to wear to the next speaking gig. This is a client favorite! I hear back from people years later that they still use their Expression Elan in so many aspects of their lives.

“Michelle, I want to thank you for your presentation at Network. In my 16 years with the organization, I have seen many speakers. I thought you were up there with the best. ~Jane”

speaking_photo_theatreHave Them at Hello: How to talk about your business at networking events, in bios and wherever you share your beautiful work

Every time you answer the question, “So, what do you do?” you have the opportunity to pique interest or get lost in a shuffle of mind numbing conversation. No one wants the latter – not you or your conversational partner. So, let’s get your Hello Intro (aka Elevator Pitch) clearly articulated so that you no longer get red-faced and stumble through that conversation again. The outcomes of this session will be useful for writing bios, About Me pages and many other places where you need to talk about what you do with confidence and intrigue.

Best presentation of the conference!

This was by far the best program of the conference!

Bring her back next year! Great!

I love to share thoughts, latest research and my insights through interviews as well. If you are covering any of these topics, get in touch and let’s see if I’m a fit for your show, podcast or live interview.

  • The power and art of telling our storiesmorning_news_abc_kohd_mbf
  • Releasing fear, especially around speaking and sharing our personal stories
  • How to say difficult things in a way that works
  • How to structure your speech for maximum engagement, memory and impact


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