Learn how to craft & deliver a game-changing talk — and set yourself up to speak from the best stages in your industry.

A FREE + LIVE workshop for mission-driven business owners who want to captivate and inspire from stage.

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I get it. You’re a passionate business owner and you know you can captivate and inspire an audience.

(That’s not what you’re really nervous about.)

You’re ready, you’re creative, you love to be in front of people serving them powerfully with your message… you’re just stuck in “what now?”

Most importantly, you want to know: “How do I get on my industry’s best stages?”

(It happens to be the number one question I get asked when people discover I help passionate people – like you! – become the go-to speaker for their industry.)  

But here’s the thing. Finding your stage isn’t your next step. Not really.

I’ll let you in on a little secret:
Powerful leadership speaking doesn’t start with “Get me on that stage and I’ll figure out that talk thing later.”

The speakers who get called to speak again and again? They focus on the who and why first.

…Who are you BEING?
…Who are you SERVING?
…Why this message?
…Why right now?

We’re talking about thought leadership, my friend.

And whether that term makes you light up or shake your head (it isn’t about having some fancy title, right?), the truth is…

Speaking from your industry’s best stages — and getting called back again and again — starts with crafting a powerful, captivating talk that will blow your audience away.

Speak So It Matters is more than a free + live workshop on how to craft and deliver that talk. It’s your first step in becoming the go-to speaker for your industry!

“Michelle Barry Franco has given me the clarity that I’ve been seeking. I’ve silently been holding back on taking my game to the next level… why? I didn’t feel confident about the content on my website, didn’t feel secure in my CORE message, didn’t feel like I had truly settled on my ideal client. We uncovered self-imposed limitations along the way, dug deep into my story (HUGE story) and came out the other side with a HUGE rocket of MOTIVATION!”

Star Staubach | Ignite Radiance

The thing is: As excited as you are to speak, I know you might also be wondering…

Where do I start?

Shouldn’t I be finding a stage first, and then write a talk? Or am I supposed speak from my own stage?

What do I say?

I’m not sure what will make me memorable or how to share my message in a way that will best help the audience. (And I’m really nervous about saying the “wrong” thing.)

Am I even qualified enough?

I’m not famous and there are definitely people who know more than me.

Why should anyone listen to me?

I’m not sure I’m “special” enough to stand out. Is my personal experience even something others want to hear?

Can I really be the person that captivates and inspires large audiences?

I think I can. But how do I really know?

I’m here to tell you: This is where it all begins.

After working with 1,000+ speakers in my 20+ years as a speaker, speaking coach, trainer and college teacher, I know exactly how to help you Speak So It Matters, and craft a message that resonates with your audience and the people who want your brilliance on their stage.

Inside the hands-on Speak So It Matters Workshop, you’ll learn how to:

1. Take a Stand

You have to be KNOWN for something. Generic talks get generic results. If you want to stand out, you’ve gotta stand for something that matters. (You’d be surprised how many people aren’t doing this!) We’ll talk about identifying your stand and expressing it with conviction.

2. Commit to Serve

You have to know who you are, who you want to BE as a leadership speaker, who you want to help, and then commit to serving them as powerfully as possible. We’ll talk about the 5 Pillars of Leadership Speaking and how you can use them to motivate and inspire.

3. Go Where They Gather & Serve

You have to know where your people are and how they want to be served. You and I both know speaking isn’t about the glory or the applause, it’s about the people. We’ll talk about how to find them and the best ways to serve through your speaking and overall thought leadership.

If you’re ready to make a meaningful difference for a lot of people all at once, join me live!

Learn what makes your message unique and how to use that distinction to craft and deliver a talk that sets you up for the best stages in your industry.

“After I delivered my presentation that we worked on together, the CEO of the organization summarized the conference in a blog post and selected my presentation as his favorite of the event. From there the organization wished to create a separate post about the project I shared in the presentation which later became one of the top 20 out of 1,000 most-clicked posts on their site in 2016. Thank you so much for helping me nail down the story and content I wanted to tell. Since our first presentation, I have done a few more talks and I always use the same process and structure you shared with me in our coaching.”

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Who am I? I’m Michelle – and I’m thrilled you’re here.

As a speaking and story coach for people who want to light up the world with their ideas and gifts, I’m guessing you are ready to finally commit to taking your speaking up a level or three.

Maybe you’ve already been sharing your message; speaking at local venues or through online webinars, summits or other events. You may have even spoken at larger conferences once or twice. But you know that you are meant to take a bolder stand – to reach more people with your message.

The thing is: It’s nerve wracking to take a bigger step with your speaking, even while you are excited about these possibilities – I like to call this “nervcited.”

Wherever you are on your speaking journey and whatever mix of emotions you carry, you are in exactly the right place. This is the perfect time to take your speaking to the next level and I’d love to help in any way I can.

Because here is what I know for sure: speaking is a powerful way to make a meaningful difference for a lot of people all at once.

And there is nothing I love more than helping smart, committed, heart-centered people build thriving businesses and change a lot of lives through high-impact speaking.

Sound like you? Awesome!

Let’s help you become the next sought-after speaker in your industry!

Can’t wait to hear your story!

Are you ready to learn how to craft & deliver a game-changing talk — and set yourself up to speak from the best stages in your industry?

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