Welcome to Your Rooftop Message™ Talk Group Speaking Coaching Program!

I am beyond thrilled you are here!

First – let’s gather together and learn more about each other! Click here to join our private Facebook group.

This is where you will ask questions, request feedback from each other (and me), and share all kinds of resources. I can’t wait for us all to gather!

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Some details and dates:

Each weekly lesson will go out on Monday morning. It will consist of video and a PDF file. These lessons are intended to be quick guidance on how to put together the essentials of your message, your rooftop message talk, and work on speaking delivery.

  • Our first meeting will be Tuesday May 2nd at 9am via Zoomvideo. Every week we will meet via zoom so I can provide coaching, support and additional information to help you apply the lessons to your specific situation. We will alternate meeting days/times between Tuesday and Wednesday. Times will be determined once we gather and share schedules. I’m here to support you in any way possible to feel awesome about your Rooftop Message Talk. These calls are our easiest way of doing that on a regular basis. You also have the option to call in or not to turn on your video anytime. You will receive Zoom meeting details before May 1st. Please mark your calendar now. If you have to miss any of these sessions, they will be recorded. You can also send questions ahead of time that you want me to address. More on all of this when we get started.

REVISED NOTE ON OUR FIRST MEETING! So many people can’t make it Tuesday morning that I created a Doodle Poll to help us find at time that works for as many people as possible. I am happy to have TWO SESSIONS on Tuesday so we can gather as many of us as possible. PLEASE take this Doodle Poll and tell me all the times that work for you on Tuesday May 2nd: https://doodle.com/poll/xs7w92me9izw4wnq

  • Every Thursday is homework day! 🎉 This is not a DIY program so I am going to spend lots of time collaborating with you on your Story of Transformation, Rooftop Message Talk outline and content and your delivery skills. I’m so excited about this! AND – in order for me to stay on top of things and for you to get the most out of the program, homework does need to be in by end of day Thursday so I can get it back to you by the following Monday.


  • Every day I will visit our private Facebook group at least twice – morning and night, probably more. This is a great way to ask questions, invite feedback and share ideas. We will also support one another this way. I am also available via email if you want to ask something privately. Most of the questions you would have, though, others probably have too, so asking in the group can help everyone.


  • As part of the program, you get one 60-minute session with me. We will send an email to schedule that in the first week or two of our program. More on that soon, too.

We are using Ruzuku for our learning platform. Each week’s content is housed here => Click here to enroll in the course (or get back to it anytime)


Added new BONUS: As part of this program, you also get an ebook copy of my book, Soul Power to Your Message: The Presentation Skills Guide to Making a Real Impact with Your Life-changing Message. This book is like a workshop in book form. It will guide you through a process to help you get even clearer on your core message as well as give you a nice overview of some of the essentials of crafting your talk. Click here to download your ebook.



How to Book the Best Speaking Gigs – sign up here!

This is a FULL guided course on how to get great speaking gigs! I mean, the whole enchilada! I hope you love it as much as I loved creating it for you!

There is nothing as motivating and focusing as having a gig ON YOUR CALENDAR to get you to craft and practice your awesome new Rooftop Message Talk. Go start this course now and get some gigs on that calendar!

Your Knowing Stone exercise is here – click here to access

Over and over again I have heard how powerful this simple exercise is for clients. Take yourself through this process. And if you feel inspired, share your Knowing Stone drawing with us in our private Facebook Group.

Either way, this kind of clarity is what inspires confidence and excitement about sharing our message. Can’t wait to hear what it reveals for you!

Again – I’m SO HAPPY you are here! We are going to craft you an awesome, high-impact, client-attracting, exciting-to-deliver Rooftop Message Talk – and help you feel awesome about delivering it! HOORAY! Can’t wait to get started!