Radical Clarity: The Secret to Creating a Business You LOVE

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Picture this: You walk into your office and the phone rings. You think to yourself, “Ugh. I wonder who this will be…”

You answer the phone (unsmiling, of course) and the person on the other end says, “Hi! Is this [your name]?”

“Yes, it is.” You reply.

“Oh, good! My friend, Resa, gave me your name. She says you [insert a task you know how to do but dislike doing]. I need that done. Will you do that for me? And, I'm in a hurry so I wonder if you could get started right away?”

Your “ugh” has turned into a knot in your stomach. You need the money – you do know how to do this… but this isn't what you want to be doing in your business. The problem is that somewhere along the line you started becoming known for this service and more and more people are coming your way as they hear about it from others.

What happened here?

It's Easy to Get Off Track

You'd be surprised how often this happens in small business. It can manifest in many forms:

  • The jewelry designer who builds an empire of employees and spends all of her time managing the business and none of her time doing what she loves – designing jewelry.
  • The therapist who spends most of her days helping people with depression and anxiety when she pursued this field to help people find their intended, soulful career path.
  • The massage therapist who treats medical injuries all day because she heard it was the way to make a better living doing massage, while she pines for the spiritual practices she learned during massage school and wishes she was using those techniques more often in her practice.

It's a subtle path, the journey to doing work you don't love. We often start out at the appropriate starting line. The lines get wavy from there, though. We get “coached” in the wrong direction by well-intentioned friends, family, and advisors.

Business ownership is a complex ride. It is easy to get off-track.

The Road to Radical Clarity

That's why Radical Clarity is so essential. Radical Clarity comes from asking ourselves deep questions and providing really honest answers. Questions like:

When I have “arrived” at my dream business, what will I be doing? Very specifically, what will I wake up and do each day?

What do I love about the work I do?

What is my brilliance? Where do I shine in ways that are remarkable?

What legacy do I want to leave in this life? (For my family, for myself, for the world, for the Universe…)

Listen Hard & Wide

Radical Clarity comes from being willing to hear ourselves say things that scare us, such as:

“I want to limit my practice to women on a spiritual search”

“I want to write a book and be a nationally recognized speaker”

“I love marketing and business planning. I'd love to hand over the rest to a talented person when I grow this business large enough.”

Set aside judgement in service of True Listening. When you hear the real Vision you have for your life, you can create a plan (strategy) for making that Vision a reality. Without that clarity, you let the happenstance of daily life, with all of its roller coaster of emotions, build your business. Happenstance doesn't know your Vision – only the needs and desires showing up on any given day… and the next… until you have a business built on a series of events that have nothing to do with your dreams and passions.

Don't let Happenstance hi-jack your dream business.

Radical Clarity is the only way to ensure that you build a business you truly LOVE. Go get it.

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