As you may know if you have been reading for a few years, every year as one year rolls into the next in celebratory glory, I declare a theme for the coming year. This past year was The Year of Opening. The year before was The Year of Sleep (possibly my most unsuccessful theme of all at that time). Previous years, before I was blogging and such, included: The Year of the Body (went to intensive, fabulous massage training and LOVED it), The Year of Spirit, The Year of the Mind… you get the idea, right?

So, this year is The Year of the Table.

I'm so thrilled about this year's theme because it embodies so much of what I want to focus on for the coming year: collaboration (some really exciting business joint ventures coming up!), clean eating, quiet family time, increasing my volunteer time and financial contributions… can you see how the table theme can thread through all of this?

In some cases, it is literal.

I want to eat at a table with my family all together more. I want to have a more beautifully set family table. I want to eat really healthy, clean food.

But the table is also a powerful metaphor for many business things coming up and some personal goals, too.

I have a couple of really exciting business collaborations going on with people I really respect and enjoy. I am totally re-inventing this website and blog (again – but this is the last time!) to reflect my deepest overall commitment and message, which feels so good and right and centered. I am coaching clients one-on-one more – and in entirely new domains (personal, overall business coaching, work/life decisions) and loving that connection and Contribution, very much a “sharing a table” kind of feeling, even as we are doing some fabulous, deep, high-impact work.

On the personal front, I am trying to stay home more. My tendency is to pack up the family and go a lot, even just for car rides, running errands, whatever. I want to minimize that this year and enjoy our home more – and the simplicity that comes from not packing and unpacking three sets of snacks, drinks and various other kiddo accoutrements multiple times a day. I am being extra thoughtful about who I spend time with personally – do they feel like someone I'd like to share a table with (or who would enjoy sharing a table with me)? I tend to say “yes” readily and I need to say “no” more if I am going to really enjoy The Year of the Table.

There are other pieces to this, too. And I know it will evolve as every theme does every year. But for the most part, one week in and counting, things are looking very yummy for 2011. I'm excited to share more with you as it all evolves.

How about you? Do you have a ritual you engage at the start of each year – or any other time of the year? I'd love to hear about it in the comments section (or email if you are feeling private about it.)

Thank you Lane & Anne for this lovely table photo at which I can imagine you all shared a gloriously cheery Thanksgiving. How can you not, with that beautiful yellow theme?