Imagine you are on a rooftop… What is the message you are compelled to share?

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The Rooftop Message CollectiveImagine there is this rooftop – a safe, reasonably flat rooftop. Below this rooftop the streets are filled with people who need to hear what you have to say. In fact, they are nearly desperate for it – whether they know it yet or not.

What would you say to the people in the streets below that you know would make their lives better?

My sister, Angie, somehow always brings the conversation back to healthy eating. It might start with a conversation about how yummy the food is at our gathering, then somehow it leans toward recipes and then pretty soon we are talking about how we could make this meal just as awesome with more veggies or without dairy. If Angie had a rooftop, she’d want to shout out about yummy vegan eating.

You’ve probably seen Brené Brown’s TED talks on vulnerability and shame. If she were on a rooftop (and essentially she often is), she’d tell us all we must be vulnerable (with care) in order to live wholehearted lives – that this may very well be the heart of what’s missing for us.

These “rooftop messages” are simply what we feel compelled to share with the world. They are the solution we have found to the most difficult problems in our lives and in our client’s lives. I know people who have rooftop messages about:

  • the fact that being deeply connected with our finances is the fastest way to financial freedom
  • how moving our bodies every day in ways that feel amazing transform our self-esteem
  • the ways sexual freedom and wellness feed our souls
  • how conscious leadership transforms business teams
  • all the ways that daily meditation make life more peaceful and productive
  • the importance of all-day movement in kids’ learning
  • …and so many more

The common thread in all *Rooftop Messages is that they are at the heart of our work in the world and we are passionate about sharing this message with as many people who need it as possible. 

See, we rooftop messengers aren’t interested in the “spotlight.” We aren’t looking to “rise above” others to speak so that we have power in the traditional sense. We are simply willing to climb up that ladder leaning on the side of the building and stand on that rooftop because that’s what it takes to serve a lot of people at once.

We know that if more people knew about this solution, their lives would be so much better. How can we not share this message as far and wide as possible?

So, we are gathering now, we rooftop messengers. We are gathering so that we can share resources, support each other in our business and thought leadership growth and make our biggest impact in the lives of others. Our new gathering place is The Rooftop Message Collective. It is free to join and we'd love to have you. If you have the same drive to get up on that rooftop because you know what you have to say will change a lot of lives, please join us. Click here to be taken to The Rooftop Message Collective community and let’s together lift up others and our world.

*Check back next week and I'll share my own Rooftop Message – and dig in on what makes up a Rooftop Message in a bit more detail.