If you listen to The Thought Leadership School Podcast you've heard me talk about how I believe surrendered speaking is where I think our greatest impact lives. 

Because as speakers who are out to serve and share our curiosity, enthusiasm and passion with our audience, it's going to take more than just briefing, prep and practice.

It's going to require letting the masks come off and just showing up with what you've got in the moment.

Any hyper professionalism or perfectionism you show up on stage with is just a barrier to this kind of connection.

Letting your natural enthusiasm that rises up in a moment show itself, letting yourself stumble over words and then reframe it and say it again without making a big deal of it… These are the ways that connection and rapport can allow the kind of trust that allows an amazing transfer of content to your audience.

And when you do this, you’re able to create a much deeper impact than any perfectly crafted and slickly delivered talk could create. 

In this week’s episode, we’re talking about dropping the mask when you’re presenting and how to be even more yourself while inspiring, teaching and captivating your audience.

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • What I mean by the masks you wear as a speaker and why they need to come off in order to make a deeper impact
  • How you can learn to release the mask and become more of a surrendered speaker in order to create the greatest engagement with your audience
  • Why just telling a story that feels vulnerable to you and risky is such a powerful way to deepen the experience of your audience
  • How staying present and watching your audience will allow you to change what you’re about to do or say in the moment in a way that will serve them best

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