In this week’s The Thought Leadership School Podcast episode, I’m talking with my friend, colleague and client Elisha Alcantera who definitely took the fast path to thought leadership.

Elisha is an amazing example of someone who just followed her intuitive hit that she was meant to be out there sharing her own stories of transformation. Having been through some tough Dark Nights of the Soul, she absolutely knows what it means to come out the other side of something difficult – and in her view, be better for it all. I can’t wait for you to tune in and soak up her wisdom.

In this episode, The Fast track to Great Stages, you're going to hear Elisha’s story of getting started (on a total whim, from the hot springs on a family vacation) to only a year later sharing the stage with a super well known thought leader and getting incredible, heart-filling response from the audience. 

From there, the amazing speaking opportunities have been flowing steadily – and she just received a very nice contribution to her non-profit – all from deciding one day that she was going to DO THIS.

Get ready to be inspired by Elisha’s story – I know you’ll get so many little nuggets you can apply to your own speaking when you tune in.

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • Hear Elisha’s personal story of getting started with public speaking on a whim 
  • Get the behind-the-scenes story on her business “failures” and how they’ve lead to the work she does today
  • See Elisha’s great example of putting yourself out there and serving as a speaker while learning along the way as fast track to great stages 
  • Why Elisha started her Podcast and how that has helped her as a speaker – and how she met her dream podcast co-host
  • Learn how Elisha decides what to share and what not to share on stage (and online)
  • How a very cool speaking event led to a very nice contribution to her non-profit

About Elisha Alcantara:

Elisha is on a mission to educate others on how to make lasting life changes that lead to becoming their own success stories. 

From starting real estate companies, a construction firm, and a non-profit focused on housing homeless families, through her failures in business and life, Elisha has learned how to live from the inside out instead of from the outside in. She understands the life-altering difference this makes and is passionate to share this with others in the hopes they will live a calmer, more fulfilled life. She lives in Portland, OR with her partner, Steve, and two bright and beautiful kiddos Grace and Bradley, and she’s the kind of mom who’ll hold a tarantula just to make her kids happy. 

Whatever you’re secretly feeling or going through, you can live a happier, more connected, more confident life by following her method. Come as you are and learn the steps to get REAL so you can start living the life you imagine.

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