The 5 C's of
Thought Leadership Toolkit

Here's a cheat sheet with all of the 5 Cs of Thought Leadership Speaking on it plus some reminders of key elements.

Clarity of Your Message

Write out your Rooftop Message on the What is Your Rooftop Message worksheet – and answer the other questions to start deepening your connection with your message even further.

Clarity of Your Audience

Answer these questions about the people who belong on the streets of your “town” in the Your Ideal Audience worksheet.

Use the Commitment – Your Story of Transformation worksheet to help you get powerfully connected with your sense of commitment to your message and impact.
Use the Confidence 5 Cs of Thought Leadership Speaking worksheet to help you connect with your sense of confidence.
The Your Sacred Getaway exercise will help you get deeply connected with your Ideal Audience Member. Once you take yourself through the exercise, make notes on the back of this handout or in a journal. These insights are GOLD for your sense of caring and connection with those you are meant to serve.
Using the scenario I described in the video, fill out the Expression Elan Toe-Dip Label Words worksheet to get your “toe-dip” version of your Expression Élan words.

Use the Turn Anxiety Into Energy Worksheet for a full list of speaking anxiety management tools: