5 Ways Checklist

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5 Ways to Be More Captivating & Engaging as an ONLINE Speaker

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Online Speaking isn’t going anywhere. In fact, it’s going to keep growing and getting better!
Yes, it’s awesome to gather in person again. There is something special and unique about being in the same room with others, sharing ideas and making coffee date plans.
But now that we know how to create online events that are way more engaging and useful than ever before, they aren’t going to stop. They are just going to be another fabulous way to share your message and create impact with your voice.
So now is the time to become the BEST online speaker you can imagine being!
Whether you’ll be creating your own events, speaking on other’s online stages, or just gathering a few beautiful souls for a more intimate online experience, you want them to walk away saying,
“Wow – that was amazing! I’m so happy I showed up live!”
How would it feel to become KNOWN for your presence online as well as in person?
Imagine having people send you direct messages before your webinar, masterclass or summit talk even ends…
I want to help you be that kind of online speaker!

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Hi, I’m Michelle Barry Franco. I help business owners, founders and leaders share their message and voice with clarity and confidence, online and in person. I’ve coached countless thought leaders on sharing their TEDx talks and keynote speeches always with the commitment to help them share their most authentic voice and message.
My clients deliver online TEDx talks and keynote speeches as well as in person, and along the way I’ve learned so much about the best practices that engage audiences across all platforms. 
I’m excited to get to help you with this highly actionable checklist, too!  
See you on the virtual stage – can’t wait! 

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In this guide and checklist, you’ll learn how to:
✅ Take a STAND for your message with conviction and confidence – in a way that is Magnetic to your ideal clients.
✅ Captivate your audience’s attention, no matter what speaking medium you are using (video, live, audio only).
✅ Bring your most dynamic, engaging Natural Charisma to your speaking delivery
✅ Motivate your audience to action, including joining your community or working with you
✅ ENJOY speaking online in a way you might have thought was impossible before! 
I’ve had the honor of working with some of the most successful coaches and wellness entrepreneurs in the industry and I can tell you that these are the same exact strategies they are using to continue to serve with their message even when they aren’t able to hit the big stages right now.

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5 Ways to Be More Captivating & Engaging as an ONLINE Speaker

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