Do you know why The Law of Attraction doesn't work for many people?

I do. It's lack of Clarity.

“The Secret” is Clarity. That's the magic. It's simple.

And, if only it were so simple…

Clarity is elusive. You think you have it one minute and it feels so good. It feels so right and real and… perfect! Then, something shifts. You learn something new (like it costs $6,000 a month to rent an RV, putting a bit of a damper on your 6-month Tour of America plan), or you start the Great Project and realize that it's not what you thought it would be (goodbye Clarity!) or you simply have a new epiphany. Those are the worst – new, contradictory epiphanies that interfere with the Clarity you just had.

See, I can tell you that all you need is Clarity and your dreams are just around the corner. The problem is that True Clarity itself is so hard to reveal. There is so much in the way. Like other people's voices from when we were wee-babes, things we think we “should” do/want/feel/be good at, mixed emotions about the path to getting to that dream, fear of leaving others behind as we launch skyward, fear of failing at the dream, fear of realizing the dream and hating it after all, fear of [insert 1,000's of other fears here]. And even if we know that these fears and old stories are in the way, it doesn't mean we know how to move them out of the way.

I'm on a mission to find the most powerful tools to Reveal True Clarity.

I have a few awesome ones that I use in my work with clients, like The You Interview (love it! Super useful) and Life Visualization (sign up for The Brazen Soul email list here and you get the whole Life Visualization process, including downloadable audio as a bonus) and they have served me and my clients really well. But I know there's more out there – there's a process that will reveal True Clarity in a way that leaves us unwavering in our certainty.

I intend to find, create, build… whatever I need to do, the most clarifying True Clarity process ever-there-was. And when I do, I plan to spread it far and wide. Because I know that True Clarity is the most powerful way to reveal our individual brilliance. And I definitely want your brilliance in our world.

Stay tuned…

Thank you annia316 for the stunning image.