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As we venture into our coaching exploration, it helps me to learn more about where you are now and what you are looking for in your core message and thought leadership coaching.

Please answer these questions with as much detail as you’d like. The more I learn about you, the better able I am to help you reach your goals in our work together.

  • About You

  • Please include your title, if applicable, and a short description.
  • If so, what is the date of that presentation or event? Who is the audience and what is the title of your talk (working/draft title is fine) or please describe the event?
  • This is the stand you take, the thing you believe most powerfully and are committed to sharing with the world through your work and your speaking. Another way I like to ask this: If you were on a rooftop, with the streets full of people struggling with something below you - something you could help them solve - what would you want to shout from that rooftop to help them? (just freeform write your answer - don’t try to say it perfectly)
  • What impact has it had on your own life? And what impact do you think it will have on others’ lives to learn more about this topic through you?
  • If so, please share the titles and some details about those.
  • If so, please share titles and a bit about those publications. If there are many, choose a few to share.
  • Do you struggle with speaking, writing or communication anxiety? Any previous experiences or persistent thoughts that would help me learn where you are on the mindset part of the speaking journey? (Speaking, writing or communication anxiety and uncertainty are the norm, not the exception, so just know that if you have mixed feelings, you are in abundant company!)
  • If you can share specific examples, that will help me pull together my best resources to help make taking your stand easier and more fun for you. Go freeform sharing on this one. Don’t think too hard - just let your thoughts flow…
  • Coaching Outcome Goals

  • The awesome thing about thought leadership coaching is that it really impacts every aspect of our work and personal lives. This means we can go many directions with our coaching. That said, you have something top-of-mind right now that is most pressing. Let’s start there – we can always explore other ways I can help in our conversation. Here are some examples of specific outcomes my clients begin with:
  • It does not have to be communication-related:
  • I’d love to hear anything else you want to share.