Brazen Soul Chat: Joan Dudley of The Sol Center

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From time to time, I plan to post an audio or video chat with another Brazen Soul entrepreneur. I hope that hearing their stories will inspire you to keep on your soulful passion-driven path.

Click here to listen to a conversation I recently had with Joan Dudley of The Sol Center. Joan is about to release her new product called 6 1/2 Minutes to Freedom: To love with a heart wide open. So as not to spoil the mystery and excitement, I won't say any more about this very exciting impending event… except to tell you that I got a special sneak peak a the product and I love it!

In this conversation, Joan shares her expertise from completely turning around a large manufacturing company in a six month period only to leave it all behind to open the business of her soul (or shall I say, Sol…) Abundant inspiration and ideas for soulful business fill this audio, thanks to Joan.

Listen and enjoy.