Learn to tell your story in a way that captivates & inspires your ideal audience.

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Let’s be honest with each other:

You’re a business owner who’s passionate about your work. You have a story, and yearn to speak on awesome stages.

Not for the glory (though you’re probably already a rock solid speaker, or have the inkling that you could be), but because you want to make a difference. You want to serve. You want to change the world one person at a time. And you feel called to do that by sharing your transformational story from a stage — a story that will inspire people to take action.

You also know having a clear story doesn’t just translate into the way you speak on stage — it also expands into your social media strategy, blog and video content, the way you sell your products and programs, and more.

There are just a few pesky little problems in your way:

  • You have a story… you think. But is it the right story? What if it’s not dramatic, or compelling, or engaging enough?
  • You’re not sure how to translate that story to your message — because sometimes, you’re not even sure what that your message is.
  • You may also be wrangling with some inner insecurities (you’re not alone in this if you do!). Like, are you even ready to be on stages with this message and this story?

Take a deep breath, you beautiful soul. Your Transformational Story Challenge is here to help.

I’ve built Your Transformational Story Challenge to help you overcome all those doubts and fears, pinpoint your most powerful story, and work through the 5 Pillars of Leadership Speaking so you can become a sought-after, life-changing speaker — sooner.

(You’ll also celebrate your awesome work during the challenge with a 1-2 minute recorded video that encapsulates your story, that you can use anywhere you wish.

AND one lucky storyteller will win a super fun prize from me!)

In this 5-day FREE challenge you’ll learn…

Day 1: Clarity

You have to know WHAT you want to say (your rooftop message) and WHO you are meant to serve in order to tell the most powerful story.

Day 1 is about getting crystal clear about the core message of your speaking and getting intimately connected with those who desperately need to hear it so you can share your story in a way that resonates with them.

Day 2: Commitment

Consistency builds trust. When our ideal audience members (including event planners!) see us consistently serving at a high level, it builds their confidence in our ability to help them and trust that we aren’t going anywhere.

Day 2 delves into how commitment starts on the inside — connecting to our own story of transformation — then translates to action on the outside.

Day 3: Confidence

Defined as “Competence + Conviction,” confidence is what we need to both feel and express for our audience members to experience a sense of assuredness when we speak — an assuredness that is emboldened as we claim our transformational story.

Day 3 is about taking a deeper look at how we got our experience in our topic area (aka competence), and the strength of our connection (aka conviction) to our Why and the Why of the people we desire to serve.

Day 4: Caring

Telling our story in a new, powerful way can re-ignite the caring. Of course you care about your message and those you serve, but there’s a nuance here that we’ll explore in this portion of the challenge.

On Day 4 you’ll ask yourself: Are you speaking to the audience your heart really wants to serve… or the one you have been told will bring more clients? Or maybe you are right on with audience and message, but you’re just burnt out after years of saying the same thing?

Day 5: Charisma

Our transformational story allows us to connect authentically, human to human. This is the kind of natural charisma that lights up an audience. We can have the most amazing content in the world with a life-changing message and so much passion to serve, but if it’s packaged in lackluster delivery (or is too polished and disconnected), we aren’t going to attract, delight and serve our audience.

Day 5 is about accessing our natural style of delivery that is best for engaging our audience. (And yes, we all have this.)

Day 6: Bonus Q&A

All that awesome isn’t even the best part! By the end of your week with me, I’ll have given you everything you need to deliver your powerful story in a 1-2 minute video — a speaker pitch that can be utilized to spread your message and set you up to speak on your industry’s best stages!!!

And to make sure every second of that video packs a punch, I’m opening up a special Q&A opportunity for those who play full out where I’ll review videos, answer questions, and give you exactly what you need to take your story to the next level.

“Michelle helped me to see that there is power, strength and transformation that occurs in the intimate details of sharing a story and connecting with my audience on a deeper level.

Working with you the last few months, it has helped me to see that I can be successful in business and still have this lovely, receptive, graceful, feminine energy about my work because you model that so beautifully. You’ve helped me to see that there is power, strength and transformation that occurs in the intimate details of sharing a story and connecting with my audience on a deeper level. You are a gifted listener, a discerning coach, a resourceful entrepreneur and I know that our work together is going to be the foundation of my new body of work for the next few years, if not the next decade of my career as a coach and speaker. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

ELIZABETH BARBOUR  | Elizabeth Barbour, ElizabethBarbour.com The Revitalized Business Woman

Who am I? I’m Michelle – and I’m thrilled you’re here.

As a speaking and story coach for people who want to light up the world with their ideas and gifts, I’m guessing you are ready to finally commit to taking your speaking up a level or three.

Maybe you’ve already been sharing your message; speaking at local venues or through online webinars, summits or other events. You may have even spoken at larger conferences once or twice. But you know that you are meant to take a bolder stand – to reach more people with your message.

The thing is: It’s nerve wracking to take a bigger step with your speaking, even while you are excited about these possibilities – I like to call this “nervcited.”

Wherever you are on your speaking journey and whatever mix of emotions you carry, you are in exactly the right place. This is the perfect time to take your speaking to the next level and I’d love to help in any way I can.

Because here is what I know for sure: speaking is a powerful way to make a meaningful difference for a lot of people all at once.

And there is nothing I love more than helping smart, committed, heart-centered people build thriving businesses and change a lot of lives through high-impact speaking.

Sound like you? Awesome!

Let’s help you become the next sought-after speaker in your industry!

Can't wait to hear your story!


Learn to tell your story in a way that captivates & inspires your ideal audience.

Join this 5-day FREE challenge by clicking the button below.