Get Great Speaking Gigs

Day Three


Welcome to Day Two of Get Great Speaking Gigs.

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Now that you've got the foundation of Your Rooftop Message from Day One, you are ready to take the first big step into LEADERSHIP with this message. That's what this kind of speaking is about – Leadership.

When you are a recognized leader in your area of expertise, it is so much easier and more natural for you to be offered a place on the great stages in your industry. 

So, the fundamental “secret” to getting great speaking gigs is that you COMMIT TO SERVE as a leader in your industry through your speaking.

In today's lesson I talk about the two important elements of this commitment to serve through your speaking:

  1. Who you BE
  2. What you DO

Watch the video to learn what I mean and why this matters to your getting the great speaking gigs in your industry.

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