EOY Sale

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End of
Year Sale



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My deepest desire is to genuinely help you show up and shine in exactly the way you dream ✨

If you’re hoping to book a TEDx Talk in 2023
Or if you’re wanting to create an online course in 2023…
I’m offering two special opportunities as part of my End of Year Sale to support you in focusing on what’s most relevant for you.
Extra exciting is that BOTH offerings have a LIVE component, which is not always the case! (And you can also upgrade to VIP to get my 1:1 support in a way that I almost never offer.)
Remember, these are only available for the next week and then they go away so please check them out now! 

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Meant for TED
Workshop 🎙️


I know it feels like such a mystery, getting onto the TEDx stage. I want to help dispel that mystery so you can increase your chances of getting a “YES!” to your TEDx application. 
So to support you in removing as many barriers as possible to you getting on a TEDx stage that excites you, I’m hosting a very special workshop on January 18th {and there’s a VIP Option available, too if you want 1:on:1 support!}

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Create Your Awesome Online Course Quickly 🖥️


Create Your Awesome Online Course Quickly teaches you how to turn your unique expertise and stories into an online course that you can create and sell within days (instead of weeks and months… or never, as is often the case!)
As a BONUS for my End of Year Sale, it also includes 3 LIVE Implementation Sessions in January 2023 so ensure you put your purchase into action.

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