As we grow in our careers, influence and leadership, our opportunities to shine and serve bigger audiences increase substantially. It’s both a natural part of the process and one that can catch us off guard with the new things we need to consider and learn. 

One of those things we come up against is how to present ourselves physically at these larger visibility opportunities. There are so many things to consider what to wear and how to show up depending on whether there will be photos, video, stairs, hot lights… all of the elements of stepping onto bigger stages (both live, virtually, in the media). 

Elsa Isaac is the pro to the pros when it comes to styling and personal expression through style. Because she’s worked with so many women who are moving up through their careers and entrepreneurs rising up in their business, she has a unique perspective on how to think about our clothes and the way they can serve us and our work in the world. 

At the heart, Elsa is an advocate for a woman’s right to feel amazing in her clothes right exactly where she is in this moment. We don't need a different body, better circumstances or any other conditions to deserve this kind of confidence, comfort and ease. 

In this interview, we talk about:

  • What gets in the way of us asking for help with our clothing and style
  • How being willing to invest in support requires a willingness to push through patriarchal training that keeps us small and hiding
  • Elsa’s own story about growing her business, especially as someone who has resisted marketing and sales
  • Some brass tacks tips about heel height, clothing material and other things to consider when choosing your outfit for an exciting opportunity

Whether you’re hitting the stage, creating a video series, going on your first (or 15th) media interview… you will love hearing Elsa’s thoughtful anti-fashion approach to helping you feel awesome in your clothes. 

Elsa Isaac is an NYC-based fashion + image stylist who believes style is really all about self-expression.

A seasoned pro with 20+ years in the fashion industry, the east African-born stylist has built quite a noteworthy portfolio, having bestowed her stylish magic on everyone from Rachel Rodgers to Lenny Kravitz; Katie Couric to Kris Carr. Nowadays, she helps successful career women + entrepreneurs revamp their wardrobes + create show-stopping ensembles that flatter their unique body shapes and lifestyles.

A self-dubbed anti-fashion stylist. Elsa doesn’t believe there’s one standard of beauty + strives to empower all her clients to celebrate their own individuality.

You can learn more about Elsa’s extensive styling skills + fresh perspective on fashion over at ElsaIsaac.com – and don’t forget to check out Elsa’s ultra full-service experience, Lights Camera Luxe. The next event is happening in June 2023 but you’ll want to grab your spot much sooner as there are very few left.