Ep #163: Kris McGuigan on Being Courageous & Real in Her Book & Speaking

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There is a difference between being an expert speaker and a transformational speaker. They aren’t mutually exclusive – some of our most influential thought leaders show up in both capacities. 

Kris McGuigan knows how to weave expertise and transformation together with mastery, and that’s a real gift. She’s the perfect person to listen to and learn from about making your way in the speaking and thought leadership world with authenticity and commitment. 

When I met Kris just under five years ago, she was committed to serving from bigger and broader reaching stages but was early on that path. In fact, she flew to my state so we could spend a full day together crafting her first well-paid speech. 

The path wasn’t easy or straight-forward all the time, but Kris stuck it out and her commitment paid off. She is now speaking on amazing stages regularly and has just published her first (of many, I’m sure) book. 

Kris’ story and insights are powerful because she knows what it takes to become a well known thought leader, starting from the beginning. But what makes listening to Kris and learning from her even more powerful is the way she brings genuine and honest humanity to the process, and to the world of work. 

This is a book about professional courage, a gift to people in companies and organizations who want to rise to their own greatness… and it's a beautiful guide to living a courageous, brave life. 

In this episode, we talk about:

  • The difference between the way we picture getting onto great stages – and what it really takes to get there
  • The small step processes Kris engaged to practice telling her more real and raw stories before she put them into her book. Courage in systematic action. 
  • When Kris noticed she wasn’t ready to be a transformational speaker and how her speaking evolved so that eventually it felt like the only thing she wants to do.
  • The meaningful distinction between workshop speaking and keynote speaking
  • How fear can be fuel for doing great things – and where courage comes in
  • What Courage in Action means for your impact in the world – whether it’s career change, life change or stepping into thought leadership

You’re going to love Kris McGuigan’s book, The Requisite Courage: How to Make Brave Decisions in Business and Life. It’s captivating, engaging and actionable. 

Kris McGuigan is the founder and principal owner of Professional Courage. As a board-certified, executive coach, keynote speaker and corporate trainer for the nation’s most prominent Fortune 500 companies, Kris has helped countless leaders step up and stand out in the marketplace. Her first book, The Requisite Courage: How to Make Brave Decisions in Business & Life, is a science-based approach to fear management that helps you overcome self-doubt, take more risks and get results.   

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