Why do some people get out in the world big and powerful with their message, and others hold back? In my 15 years working with leaders of businesses, I know for sure that it’s not their credentials, expertise or experience.

In fact, I know way too many brilliant, highly educated, remarkably experienced people who have not made the impact they could make in the world. Even with the best message and tons of support, something gets in the way.

10 years ago, on a walk in the woods with my two dogs, I was asking myself these questions. That’s when the 5 Cs came to me. I’ve spent 10 years testing this model and it holds strong and true. When these five essentials are strong and emboldened, leaders thrive and serve in a much bigger way.

The cool thing is, you can use this as an easy assessment for where you can create a stronger connection in your thought leadership.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why clarity is absolutely essential, but it’s not enough to make the biggest impact
  • What gets in the way commitment and how you can create more resolve in your work
  • The two elements of confidence and why knowing these will help you tap into your confidence much easier
  • How caring for your people might change over time and what to do when this happens
  • What burnout has to do with your heart-connection to your work
  • Ways to see your own natural charisma, regardless of your style – and why it matters

I hope this helps you think through your own leadership and ways you might shine even brighter this year.

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