One of the most frequently asked questions I get is:

How do I make money from my speaking?

The person asking is almost always wanting to know how people get paid an actual fee specifically for delivering their speech.

This is a legitimate (or “legit”, as my daughter would say) question. People DO get paid to speak – sometimes big bucks. I get paid to speak sometimes, too.

But actually (except for corporate training type speaking) I do more “free” speaking than paid speaking. I talk about why I love speaking for free and why it can be the very best marketing strategy in this video:

Especially for those of us who want to truly serve others with our story and our life-changing wisdom, speaking is a beautiful way to remove the uncertainty that often gets in the way of clients making the decision to hire you.

To use speaking effectively in your business growth, you need to do two things really well:

  1. Choose your audiences strategically so you are most likely to connect with people who really need your services
  2. Craft your presentation in a particular way, with a magic mix of in-the-moment useful content (none of that “give them the why but not the how” stuff you've heard about!) and inspiring examples of real life stories that light them up and move them to action.

Important note: there is a way to do this without being salesy, manipulative or icky. That's what I show you how to do in my new online speaking course Speak So It Matters™ for Coaches and Wellness Experts.

Speaking is a beautiful and generous way to attract clients who really need what you have to offer and make good money as a result. I'd love to show you how to do this so you can reach even more people with your life-changing work. Here's a link to my new online speaking course one more time.