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Lead with Your Message and Thrive

4-part video training to help you become
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You got into coaching and wellness because you know it can change lives. 

You’ve seen first hand how the right support, high-quality information and some human to human love and care can change everything for someone who is struggling.

And you bring this kind of growth and transformation for your clients. It’s what makes you so certain that you are in the right work – and that you are meant to grow your business into something much bigger than it is right now. 

Yet there is so much to juggle as a business owner. You are the leader, expert, coach, teacher… and possibly the entire marketing and customer care team. Even if you have a team, it all comes down to you when things get wonky. 

It’s time, though. For real, it’s time. You are done letting fear run the show. You hear that whisper in your heart and soul and are turning up the volume. 

You need answers to a few very important questions so you can turn your vision into full reality in your business. Questions like:

  • How do I stand out in what feels like an ever-growing sea of new coaches and wellness experts?
  • What is the magic to getting on the stages and into the collaborations that have the greatest influence in my industry?
  • How do the super successful coaches and wellness entrepreneurs streamline their efforts so they don’t burn out before they can realize their biggest vision?

And THIS is exactly what I’m going to share with you in this brand new video series, Heart, Soul & IMPACTLead with Your Message & Thrive! 

In this four-part series, I’m going to answer the questions above. But I’m not stopping there.

I’m going to share with you the entire success path to become a recognized leader in your industry. 

Then we’ll dive deep on the foundation of your thought leadership, with a special focus on how to turn your message into a powerful STAND. 

Our four-part video series will follow this path:

After this training, you will walk away with:

1. A powerful way to get Crystal Clear on your STAND as a leader in your industry

2. The entire framework for becoming a Recognized Leader in your industry

3. The MOST IMPORTANT elements of a powerful thought leadership talk so you can light up your audience and magnetize amazing new clients

4. A whole new VISION for what's possible for you and your coaching or wellness business with you at the leadership helm!

Taking a clear, powerful Stand is what makes you a top-of-mind guest and collaborator on the most influential stages – online and offline. 

Then we’ll talk about what to do with that stand so that you make the most of your impact and business growth activities. 

There is no other training out there like this and it lights up my heart to get to share this with you. 

This Stand at the heart of your work as a leader in your industry is what magnetizes clients to you naturally. 

Hi, I'm Michelle.

I'll be your coach and guide for this video series. I've spent that last two decades teaching and coaching on public speaking, communication and leadership. I've spent the last 12 years supporting many well-known coaching many well known coaches and wellness entrepreneurs on their leadership messaging and as a high-impact speaking and thought leadership coach.

My clients speak on TEDx stages and at the best conferences in their industry. I'm the author of Beyond Applause: Make a Meaningful Difference through Transformational Speaking, host of the Brilliance at Work podcast and founder of Speak So It Matters presentation skills training. All that's just to say: We've got this, my friend! I'm going to teach you some world-changing fundamentals in this training. You can learn more about me at michellebarryfranco.com. And of course, by signing up for this free training! 

You can stop wondering how to naturally grow your business and your impact. 

This training shares the entire framework with you, free. 

“One of the best coaches I've ever worked with in any field”

Michelle is one of the best coaches I’ve ever worked with in any field. You’re going to get unbelievable expertise, somebody who is incredibly thoughtful and smart, and is going to care deeply about teaching you how to be a great speaker.

Melanie Vetter

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