What if the life & work you've been dreaming of is just on the other side of a

simple misunderstanding?

I wonder if you are feeling any of these things I felt for so many years…

  • You have this beautiful, big vision for what you want to do in the world – it’s so clear you can feel it in your cells – yet you can’t seem to make it happen in real life
  • No matter how hard you work, the overwhelm and too many things to do keeps growing
  • Even after years of self-help, meditation, traditional and non-traditional education, great coaching… you never quite feel like you are capable of reaching the goals you dream up
  • And truth be told, you’ve kind of given up on goals altogether. You’re tired of feeling like a failure
  • You must not “get it” about manifesting, or not be “spiritual” enough, because none of that stuff ever plays out magically the way you hear it does for others

I have so been there. I spent years there, actually – even while running a “successful” business, writing books, getting on stages, working with amazing clients, raising three wonderful daughters and keeping my marriage intact (sometimes just barely).

It’s amazing how our outside can look so different from what’s going on in the inside, isn’t it?

I am the least likely person to be sharing this with you. I honestly, truly thought I just wasn’t made for doing big things. Not really. I was made to DREAM of big things, but creating them… just wasn’t in the cards. 

Until I started to see things entirely differently. I mean, like 180 degrees different… and these insights have opened up a freedom in me that I didn’t think was possible. Freedom to create WHATEVER I WANT. 

Because I finally really get it… I was Made for This.

Of course, so were you…

Made for This course is the simplest, most powerful way I know how to share with you what I’ve learned that has brought so much freedom and ease to my life – and to my ability to create cool, exciting, big things in my work and life.

This course will NOT take up a bunch of your time – easily under 2 hours.

What it will do is help you see the TRUTH of who you are in a way that you may not have ever heard it before.  


      • Videos build on each other, each only 2 – 10 minutes in length
      • Transcripts you can print out to make notes or read if you prefer that over video
      • A discussion area within the program to share your insights and reflections with others who are going through the course
      • Access to the course 24/7 and forever


        • You have a big vision and big dreams, but you often feel like you can’t quite turn those dreams into real action
        • You are tired of feeling stuck and frustrated by your own indecision or lack of clarity
        • You have tried every strategy, tactic, practice… and read every self-help book, trying to figure out what’s wrong with you (hint: there is nothing wrong with you. Truly. Absolutely.)
        • You are open to seeing something completely new at the most basic, fundamental level about how you work as a human, and letting that totally change your experience of life and work (I’ve seen this happen so much – and it happened to me!)


      • Actually, I can’t imagine this not being for you. If you’ve read this far and you’re at all intrigued, this is for you.

I have heard over and over again how tired we all are of trying to fix ourselves, and then failing. We want to feel freedom, confidence and momentum toward our big dreams – but we keep running into brick walls and stuckness.

That’s because we are looking in the wrong place for freedom.

I feel like I was let in on the biggest, most important secret of a lifetime. And I want you to have it, too.

“I loved this course. If you’re feeling stuck, if you know you were meant for more, “Made for This” is for you. It will literally change your thinking. Michelle adds energy, enthusiasm, and humor to her great insights.”

Barbara McNeely

“Michelle radiates wellness and caring. It was so fun and relaxing to watch her videos. ~ Mary M.

Mary M.

Meet Michelle Barry Franco

Michelle Barry Franco works with executive leaders, founders and entrepreneurs who want to lead with clarity, confidence and heart. She has spent the last 12 years supporting high-level leaders share their message and story on TEDx stages and at the best conferences in their industry, as well as being a trusted advisor and coach for all aspects of leadership. She is the author of Beyond Applause: Make a Meaningful Difference through Transformational Speaking and creator Speak So It Matters presentations skills training. You can learn more about Michelle at michellebarryfranco.com.