Attract Awesome Clients & Grow Your Audience Through

?Captivating Speaking & Thought Leadership?

– Online and IRL.

It’s time to be the stand-out LEADER in your industry.

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Hello  beautiful.

Isn’t it awesome to do work that actually positively changes the lives of the people you serve?

This is the most exciting and heart-filling part of being a coach or wellness entrepreneur.

When you know that your message and voice is meant to serve far and wide – through the kind of speaking and thought leadership that captivates and engages – it's important that your talks, webinars, videos and all communication has IMPACT. You want to serve when you share your ideas, as well as magnetize awesome new clients. 

This is about growing your business, for sure – but it's about so much more for you, too. It's about realizing the Big Vision you have for your business and your impact in the world. 

You know that sharing your message online is a powerful way to serve – webinars, videos, online summits and LIVE streaming on Facebook and Instagram are all ways you can right now serve as a  stand out leader in your industry.

Using your voice and message as an industry leader allows you to:

  • Have amazing clients reach out to you, asking to work with you – instead of continually hustling for clients
  • Be invited onto the most beloved podcasts in your industry – so you can grow your own audience exponentially 
  • Stop wondering how to get on great stages – and instead be invited onto the most coveted stages like TEDx and international conferences
  • Enjoy invitations for collaboration and joint ventures with well-known leaders in your industry – magnetizing the best kinds of clients who already know they want what you have to offer
  • Feel excited to look at your business bank account – instead of dreading it (or avoiding it altogether) – because business growth is just more sustainable and in flow, as is revenue. 
Michelle Barry Franco
Michelle Barry Franco

Taking your speaking and thought leadership in your industry to this next level naturally magnetizes a steady stream of clients who can’t wait to work with you.

As a recognized leader in your industry, opportunities and wonderful new clients begin seeking you out. 

You become MAGNETIC to the most awesome clients!

Magnetic 12-week online program is group mentorship & coaching to help you become a captivating and engaging speaker and thought leader in your industry through ONLINE and IRL (in real life) avenues.


The first conversation we had made me realize that what I really have to say is so much bigger. She really helped me get to the heart of my message—what the real big message was. It was the best day ever. When I went up to do that talk, I had all the confidence in the world. I knew it like the back of my hand. It also helped me shape the outline of my book. Some of the best work that I did, definitely, in 2019 was with Michelle.

Rachel Rodgers
CEO, Hello Seven

My guess is that you’ve worked pretty hard to create the business and leadership position you have now – and it’s something to be proud of. (You wouldn't be attracted to my work if you weren’t a Best in Class coach or wellness expert.) 

There comes a point, though, where you know there’s something bigger for you in your business and your impact – and you are certain that the time is now. 

The question becomes:


How do you get from where you are now to this bigger vision for your industry leadership and your business revenue?

This is where we come in – and help you become even more MAGNETIC.

Magnetic 12-week online program is group mentorship & coaching to help you become a captivating and engaging speaker and thought leader in your industry through ONLINE and IRL (in real life) avenues.

Your message and voice are meant to change lives AND lead your high-impact business. 

The focus is on:

 Captivating Message

I’m going to give away one of the most valuable secrets in creating a magnetic business right now… great leaders (including leading businesses) take a STAND for something that matters. You will learn to reveal and then embody the Stand you take in your work – and then become visible in service of that stand. Speaking, podcast guesting (or create your own), writing your book – all of it gets way more compelling when you have your STAND at the heart of it.

 High-Impact Speaking & Thought Leadership

The fact that we aren't gathering at conferences and events does NOT mean you can't use your powerful speaking skills to change lives, attract clients and serve at the highest level. In fact, you can reach even more broadly through virtual speaking than you can at these in-person events! We will cover best practices for webinars, video, live streaming on social media like Facebook and Instagram LIVE, podcast interviews – and all the other ways you can share your message right now. AND, when it's time to get back to those live events, YOU'LL BE READY! 

Irresistible Offerings

Your dream clients are walking around right now desperately wishing for a solution that YOU CAN PROVIDE. When you deeply understand their needs, you can build an offering that is a resounding YES for them on every level! No more cookie-cutter offering models from “gurus.” I’ll show you how to design offers that your ideal clients can’t wait to pay you for – and you can’t wait to deliver. When we get intimately connected with your ideal audience member in the way I promise we will, your client will be so excited to send you their money!

Powerful Presence

Have you heard that people aren’t looking to buy your product, really – they want what you have. When you show up with clarity, power and grace – your very presence is magnetic. When we talk about presence, though, we mean so much more than external presence. Your clear, calm and confidence state-of-mind is where the biggest, most powerful impact lives in all aspects of your business and leadership. This deeper presence is at the heart of our work together. (Honestly, this element alone is worth way more than the prices of this program for its impact in your work and leadership expression.)


I killed it on that stage because Michelle helped me frame my rooftop message. She helped me deliver a talk that made sense, and that rallied an audience to buy into the idea that if we want to solve major world problems, we have to help girls and women stop dieting. None of that would have happened without her loving, but firm guidance. Hire Michelle for any major talk that you need to give.

Susan Hyatt
CEO, Susan Hyatt Inc & Susan Hyatt The Agency, TEDx speaker

 Here's how it works:

Starting August 31 you get immediate access to an online portal with the BEST messaging, speaking, thought leadership and business growth training available for Coaches and Wellness experts. (There is just nothing else in the industry like this!)

You join us in the Private Magnetic Facebook Group, created specifically for this 12-week mentorship and coaching experience.

You mark your calendar for our small group zoom coaching sessions EVERY week for TWELVE WEEKS! (That's twelve weeks of coaching for you!)

Since your message, voice and business are unique – and so are these times – you also get TWO 1:1 coaching sessions in this program. (This is likely ONLY available for this first round of this program!)

Also beginning on August 31, ask any question, request feedback on talks, outlines, videos… anything you are creating and sharing to serve your business and audience. I'm in the Facebook group at least twice *every week day* and the group is open for sharing and cheering each other on 24/7. (The community of leaders who gather in our programs are brilliant, thoughtful and amazing – just like YOU! Many friendships are made and awesome collaborations, too.)

You just don't have to do this alone anymore. I'm here to support you
– and your cohort of brilliant leaders is, too!  

Join us in:

 Choose your payment plan to secure your spot in this limited group program.

Doors close Thursday August 27 at 6pm Pacific. We Begin August 31. Join us now!
(You get immediate access to bonus *Create Your Awesome Online Course Quickly* when you join before August 25!)

Once you have processed payment, you will be invited into the private Magnetic Facebook community where you will find abundant support throughout our program together.

Details to access to the Magnetic online course will arrive in your inbox on the first day of our program – August 17th! (Can’t wait!)

You’ll receive a lovely, organized calendar with every zoom coaching session and bonus program release. We have eight scheduled zoom sessions plus some surprise bonus sessions TBA when we begin!

You get TWO private 1:1 sessions with me as part of this program! You’ll be able to book those as soon as you join us (I rarely do individual sessions anymore so this is extra fun!). 

As a result of our work together in Magnetic across these eight weeks together you’ll have:

 Your Crystal Clear STAND…

…as a business and thought leader in your industry – this captivating message is at the heart of every bit of website copy, social media post, articles, speaking… you share! This is a critical missing piece in so many coach and wellness businesses.

 Visibility Plan

A detailed strategic plan for sharing your message through a variety of platforms. This is how you become a Recognized Leader in your industry! We’re talking speaking online (summits, panels, podcasts) and offline (conferences, workshops), writing your book or articles and blog posts, and social media (Instagram, Facebook, Live videos, more!)

 Ideal Client Connection

Deep and intimate connection with your Ideal Audience Member (aka Ideal Client). This is how you craft jaw-dropping copy and Irresistible offerings they can’t wait to pay you for.

 Irresistible Offerings

Even if you have offerings that are working great, this is a perfect time to create a small, powerful suite of offerings that lead to that bigger vision you dream of for your business and your leadership in the world. 

 Powerful Presence

Through a deeper connection with your internal Brilliance and a whole new way of seeing leadership and your contributions in the world, you will know a new kind of freedom in your work in every way. I can’t wait to share this with you!


Working with Michelle was a game-changer for me. I've always been a fairly good public speaker but Michelle helped me take my talks to the next level. I loved how collaborative the process was – the fact that we just got to talk through my ideas and then she produced the first draft really alleviated any writer's block. Having her create a schedule also prevent procrastination, and her feedback and practice rounds of reading the talk out loud taught me how important that refining process really is. I have used the tools I learned with her on subsequent talks on my own and they were better too – it's truly a set of practices that you can use for the rest of your speaking life!

Kara Loewentheil, Master Coach & Host of the UnF*ck Your Brain podcast

I’ve been a speaking and messaging coach for more than 12 years to some of the most successful coaches and wellness experts in the industry.

This has allowed me to get behind the scenes of thriving thought leadership and business programs across all kinds of coaching and wellness. I’m so excited to share what I’ve learned with you in this program!

I want to support you and your business as you THRIVE into your next level as a STAND-OUT leader in your industry.

Join us in:

 Doors close Thursday August 27 at 6pm Pacific. 

We begin August 31.  


(You get immediate access to bonus *Create Your Awesome Online Course Quickly* when you join before August 25!)

My goal with this program is that you walk away with messaging, a visibility plan (speaking, writing, social media), Irresistible Offerings and the mindset to make back your investment X 10 within 6 months (and your entire investment within our 10 weeks together). I’ve designed this program to support you in this financial outcome, if you take action on the content and plans you create during our time together.

Frequently Asked Questions


I’m new in business. Is this program right for me?

If you are at the very beginning of building your business and still figuring out the foundations, this is probably not the best program for you. However, if you’ve got a pretty good sense of who you serve (even if you want to refine this) and what message you want to take a stand for (even if you want to refine this, too!), then this is a great next step in creating a thriving business.

I know you’re a speaking coach. Does this program teach me how to craft a signature talk?

It’s true, I’ve been a speaking coach and teacher for more than 20 years. I’ve also helped many, many coaches and wellness experts get crystal clear on their messaging and thought leadership for the last 12 years. This program is designed to help you speak up on behalf of all aspects of your business, based on a powerful message. While this program is not designed to teach you the intricacies of crafting a signature talk, you will have everything you need to build that talk – and many other thought leadership assets, like a book, published articles, social media plan, etc. During our 8-weeks together, I will happily coach you on a talk you are building, and share awesome resources with you around speaking as well, if you wish.

I’m super busy right now. How much time will I need to devote to this program?

We are together for 8 weeks during this program. During that time, I recommend that you set aside 3-4 hours a week to move through content, attend sessions and apply what you learn. Everything we talk about in this program is intended to actively, real-time help you magnetize amazing clients. So, this is the kind of work you want to be doing all the time to enjoy the kind of business that thrives without the roller coaster. There is no better time or money investment than in YOU and your recognized leadership in your industry – I promise!


If you’ve been wishing for a partner in your business who is fully committed to your WILD SUCCESS and beautiful impact in the world, this is the time. I’d love to be that support for you.