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Thought Leadership. Revenue. Presence.

It is   time, and   you are ready.

You’ve created a beautiful business centered on a message that matters. You’ve watched your clients’ lives transform through your work together. It feels amazing to be building a great business doing work you care about.

Yet, you know you’ve got so much more you can do. There is a bigger impact — and an even more lucrative business waiting for you. 

Just as important, you know there is a deeper level of “becoming” for you as a leader.

Whether you’re working on a webinar, a live speaking event or TEDx talk, or are just finally ready to map out your thought leadership for the next six months (video, writing, speaking & social media!) — you want to be deeply confident that the content you share is the most authentic, powerful expression possible.  

And, that it captivates, inspires and motivates your beloved people to action. 

You are meant to lead in a much bigger way.

Michelle Barry Franco
Michelle Barry Franco

It’s easy to find formulas, templates and blueprints for how to create webinars, “signature talks” and content plans. 

Yet what you say and how you say it in all of these events is what matters most — and frankly, it’s the hardest part.  

At this stage of your business, you want an expert to help you craft the webinar or talk content that has the highest conversion rate, yet also feels authentic and exciting for you to share. From turning your message into a leadership STAND, to sharing the right stories in the most compelling way, all the way to the high-integrity magnetic close – you want guidance from a pro. 

Captivating, engaging thought leadership content magnetizes high-end clients like nothing else. That’s what we’ll map out together for you and your business. 

Hi, I'm Michelle. And we've  got this.


I killed it on that stage because Michelle helped me frame my rooftop message. She helped me deliver a talk that made sense, and that rallied an audience to buy into the idea that if we want to solve major world problems, we have to help girls and women stop dieting. None of that would have happened without her loving, but firm guidance. Hire Michelle for any major talk that you need to give.

Susan Hyatt
CEO, Susan Hyatt Inc & Susan Hyatt The Agency, TEDx speaker

In your custom-designed VIP Experience, you’ll walk away with a whole new level of clarity and conviction around your message and your vision for your business (and your life). We use this clarity to create your most important, valuable thought leadership piece for your business.


 A Complete, Detailed Outline for Your Upcoming Webinar

  • You’ll know exactly what you want to say, from how to create warm engagement in your intro, to sharing your story of transformation, all the way through how to make your exciting, magnetic offer! We’ll talk about your slides and your offer, too, of course. You don’t have to do the whole big webinar thing on your own anymore.

Your Fully Mapped Out TEDx (or “signature” talk, if you prefer)

  • Including stories, slides and the magic mix of content that makes your talk stand out even among the high caliber of TEDx talks. Delivery coaching and raucous applause included.

 A Full Thought Leadership Plan

  • Including videos, podcast episodes/guest pitches, blog posts, social media shares, etc. for the next six months. We’ll talk video setup, prep, audio, lighting, the whole shebang – plus, of course, what to say in these videos for the greatest business impact… or whatever else will be most supportive of your stepping fully into consistent leadership through your message.

 A Full Outline for Your Book

  • Along with guidance around the entire self-publishing process (editing, internal design, cover design, getting your book published). If you’ve been dreaming of writing a book but can’t seem to get yourself into action – we can do this together! (Book and talk coaching really go hand-in-hand, so we can cover both in your VIP day if you’d like.)

In your PREMIUM VIP DAY experience, you’ll walk away with:

 Thought Leadership Plan


  • Depending on your business goals, we will create your webinar content, talk outline or complete thought leadership strategy plan. This is the missing piece in most coaching and training programs. You’ll finally feel confident and excited about what you are going to say as a leader in your industry.

Your Awesome Next Level Offerings

  • Full Transformation Offering (higher ticket)
  • Project-based offering (smaller offering to set them on their way to a bigger offering)

→ Your Authentic, Powerful Presence

  • Your Natural Charisma style (we’ll NAME it!)
  • Deeper understanding of state-of-mind and its power in your leadership (this goes much deeper than “mindset”)

No longer will you wonder WHAT to say or HOW to say it. And this will come from the depths of what you are on this earth to say.

No longer will you wonder what you should OFFER to fund this mission of yours. Your offers will be crystal clear and ready to share with a full, open heart with all of the clients who are waiting for you.

No longer will you let crappy thinking or small mindset stop you from doing the leadership work you are meant to do in this world through your business. (And I’m not going to give you a long list of things you need to do in order to get past this crappy mindset either.)

As a speaking and thought leadership coach (huge industry conferences, TEDx stages, etc.) for some of the most successful coaches and founders, I’ll help you find that magical synergy between the message you are on this earth to share and the offerings that will fund your mission. All of this, with a continuous focus on the authentic, powerful presence and natural charisma that you have always known you are capable of in your business leadership.

Michelle Barry Franco


The first conversation we had made me realize that what I really have to say is so much bigger. She really helped me get to the heart of my message—what the real big message was. It was the best day ever. When I went up to do that talk, I had all the confidence in the world. I knew it like the back of my hand. It also helped me shape the outline of my book. Some of the best work that I did, definitely, in 2019 was with Michelle.

Rachel Rodgers
CEO, Hello Seven

Full day VIP coaching experiences with me normally start at $6,000.

BUT I’m offering ONLY FOUR of these at Platinum VIP Experience days at $4000 each!

The elements of this VIP day, which include Thought Leadership (message, speaking, writing) + Revenue (fully mapped out offerings!) + Presence (Delivery, leadership style, natural charisma), are more than I usually include and therefore I’m testing out how much we can get done in a day. Whether we fit it all into our day together or we need to add on additional sessions, you are going to get your outcomes!

We’ll meet online, but our work together begins the moment you sign on. You’ll receive a prep program (people tell me the prep process brings them incredible clarity even before we begin!), my much-loved Virtual Retreat Guide with suggestions to help you create a full retreat experience for yourself surrounding this high-productivity day together. I’ll send you a fun gift package in the mail with goodies to support your vibrant energy and productivity for our day, too!

Get ready to create a plan that is poised to 10xs this investment you’ll be making in our work together (and then some, really).

Oh, and because I want you ready to take full action after our work together, you’ll also get access to these three very popular online courses as my gift when we complete our work together.

Bonuses Include these THREE online courses valued at more than $1,300:


Craft Your Online Course Quickly
($247 Value)

Book the Best Speaking Gigs
($97 Value)

Your Rooftop Message Talk Course
($997 Value)


I knew I had a message to share, but I wasn’t feeling very clear and didn’t know where to start. I like to have a plan; a system. I knew Michelle had a really clear process that was also very nurturing and organic and would really help me determine what my core message was – plus a real strategic plan for how I would craft the talk and the pieces around it. She’s so much more than a speaking coach – she’s a message and thought leadership coach, which is exactly what I needed.

Megan Flatt

Again, I’m offering ONLY 4 of these packages at $4,000 (then they will go up to $6,000) and ONLY if you purchase between July 14 – July 20. (Full pay only, please.)

VIP Days will be scheduled within the next 60 days.

Jane Sell Morgan
Filmmaker & Co-Founder

Gayle Canton

Melissa Hereford

Jennifer Topinka


If you’ve been wishing for a partner in your business who is fully committed to your WILD SUCCESS and beautiful impact in the world, this is the time. I’d love to be that support for you.