Marketing for Counselors, Therapists & Social Workers: Part 1

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I have the great honor of working often with counselors, therapists and social workers. I have a special love of assisting counselors and other helping professionals with their marketing because I really value and respect the work they do in the world.

I was almost a counselor myself – four times.

In fact, if Contribution was set up like the Enneagram, I'd be a “Communication Coach” with a “Counselor” wing. I know this with certainty because I have begun the process of applying to various counseling programs four different times – and one time I even spent a whole year in a Master's in Counseling program. I loved studying counseling and I remain riveted by mental health and wellness topics. The only reason I left the program is that I realized that I already had the training and experience I needed to do the work I loved.

I love being a part of mental health wellness and care.

While I am fascinated by counseling, therapy and social work topics, my greatest strengths are really in helping others articulate and share their brilliance. This makes it extra-exciting when I get to spread the brilliance of a really good counselor, therapist or social worker. I feel like I am a part of helping make their clients lives better by letting them know that this helping professional exists through marketing.

Counselors, Therapists and Social Workers Often Resist Marketing.

The thing is, marketing is especially tricky for many helping professionals. Even using the word “marketing” can be off-putting because it feels somehow manipulative, as though we are trying to persuade the person in emotional trauma to buy something they don't really need. But that's not at all what marketing is about – not at it's core. Marketing is about getting the word out to people who need your help. This is a gift. It is a meaningful Contribution to the world. It is only right that when you have something that can genuinely ease the pain of another, you offer it up if you can. That's what marketing a counseling, therapy or social work practice is about.

Marketing in the mental health field is especially soulful work.

We do want to honor the special circumstances of mental health and wellness care, so it is appropriate to approach marketing in this arena thoughtfully – soulfully. That's what this series on Marketing for Counselors, Therapists & Social Workers will be about: how to market your practice with soul so that you can help those who need you right now.

In Part 2 of the series, I'll share thoughts and suggestions on defining your Right Clients. I look forward to your thoughts and input from the field!