Get crystal clear on your message and begin immediately sharing that message with confidence.

Let me show you how in this free 5-Day experience. We begin August 15.

You got into coaching and wellness because you know it can change lives. 

And yet… you spend way too much of your time trying to figure out how to call in the people you can most help.

You had no idea it would be this complicated to do this work you love so much. 

And sometimes it feels like the whole industry is just over-saturated. Like you are waving a big sign saying, “Look over here! I can help!” But they can't hear you above the noise in the industry. You're afraid your business might never be as successful and sustainable as you imagined. 

You know the work you do is transformational. You refuse to give in to the overwhelm.

Fear and frustration will not run this show. It's time to step fully into the leader in your industry that you know you're meant to be.

Now, you just need some answers to get into full leadership motion. Such as:

  • How do I stand out in what feels like an ever-growing sea of new coaches and wellness experts?
  • What is the magic to getting on the stages and into the collaborations that have the greatest influence in my industry?
  • How do the super successful coaches and wellness entrepreneurs magnetize great clients regularly without working long hours and exhausting themselves?

And THIS is exactly what I’m going to share with you in this brand new 5-day experience, Message Magic!

Each day during the experience week, I’m going to answer the questions above. But I’m not stopping there. 

I’m going to share with you the entire success path to become a recognized leader in your industry – we call it The Path of Radiant Leadership. Seeing this in full view changes everything.

When you know where you are on that path, it becomes very clear what to focus on for the greatest success and growth right now. 

You stepping into Radiant Leadership in your industry is Magnetic.

Suddenly, opportunities that seemed out of reach naturally come your way. 

Dream clients reach out to you (instead of you continually trying to “get” new clients.) 

It’s what makes you a top-of-mind guest and collaborator on the most influential stages – online and offline.

Every day during the Experience, you’ll be invited to show up and shine with your message in different ways. By the end of the week, there will be no doubt in your audience’s mind what you take a stand for and how you help solve their struggle! 

5-Days of LIVE teaching plus 5 super clear prompts with detailed guidance and inspiration to help you magnetize the kind of clients you know you can help, and build your audience along the way!

There is no other training out there like this and it lights up my heart to get to share this with you.

Like you, I know deeply that excellent coaching and wellness support is life-changing. It’s been that way for me and I’ve seen it happen for my clients over and over again. 

I want you to take your beautiful gifts and share them big, far and wide in this world. 

It starts with leading with your message – and this 5-Day Message Magic Experience!

Hi, I'm Michelle.

I'll be your coach and guide for this video series. I've spent that last two decades teaching and coaching on public speaking, communication and thought leadership. I've had the honor of supporting many well-known coaches and leaders in their speaking and thought leadership.

My clients speak on TEDx stages and at the best conferences in their industry. I'm the author of Beyond Applause: Make a Meaningful Difference through Transformational Speaking, host of the Brilliance at Work podcast and founder of Speak So It Matters presentation skills training. All that's just to say: We've got this, my friend! I'm going to share with you some world-changing fundamentals during this experience. You can learn more about me at michellebarryfranco.com. And of course, by signing up for this awesome 5-Day Message Magic Experience! 

We begin on August 15th.
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“One of the best coaches I've ever worked with in any field”

Michelle is one of the best coaches I’ve ever worked with in any field. You’re going to get unbelievable expertise, somebody who is incredibly thoughtful and smart, and is going to care deeply about teaching you how to be a great speaker.

Melanie Vetter