Message Magic 5-Day Experience


The BIG Beautiful Vision


The Framework




What's Possible!

Welcome to Day 1 of
Message Magic! 

Today is all about The Big Beautiful Vision:

And by this I mean YOUR Big Beautiful Vision!

This message at the heart of your work has a mission. Sometimes, in the flurry of the day to day, we can lost sight of that mission.

Today is all about remembering – and also seeing ANEW – the vision you have for your message and your impact in the world.

In today's Facebook Live (recording linked below), I walk you through a Visioning exercise to help you reconnect with your big, beautiful vision for your work in the world.

If you were able to make it live, it was wonderful to be with you! And if this is your first time through the visioning, get yourself comfortable for the next 30 minutes or so.


(Click the image above to be taken to the Facebook Live recording inside of our facebook group, The Radiant Leader Community. If you haven't joined, you will be asked to join and answer a few questions. We will admit you to the group as soon as we can!)

Don’t forget to download the Day One Workbook for today’s lesson so you can make note of what you saw in your visioning.

I hope connecting with your beautiful vision for your life, work and impact sets an exciting foundation for you to support our week ahead!

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