Message on a Mission
Coaching Program

You know that you’re meant to share your message and story in a bigger way.

You’ve seen the way your experience and expertise have served others so powerfully through your work. Even more deeply, you just feel it in the center of you. You are meant to serve from your own life experience – on stages and in as many other ways as you can.

You’re pretty clear on the message, though you wouldn’t mind making it even more powerful.

You know that speaking and thought leadership is the next level of your mission, but you’re not sure exactly how to get from here to there.

You’re ready to step fully into this higher level leadership in your industry – and that speaking is at the heart of how you’re going to make that larger impact.

You know all of this, and yet…

You still get caught up in thoughts like:

Who am I to think I belong on these bigger stages?

Am I really good enough? Is my story powerful enough? Is my expertise strong enough?

Do I have high enough credentials? (I don’t have this fancy degree or that fancy certification.)

How do I even begin to do this? I’m so busy already!

This is enhanced by the fact that you’re already a pretty good speaker. People come up to you after your presentations and talks and tell you how much they enjoyed it, how much they learned. But you know that you’ve got so much more in you – more courage, more captivation and more power to bring to the stage, and every way that you share your story and expertise. 

It’s just time to finally step fully into this commitment to serve with full power and grace through your speaking and thought leadership.

You want to move from taking the opportunities that come your way, to setting a strategy for thought leadership that helps you reach much further and wider with your message.

This is about more than becoming an “amazing speaker” – it’s about changing lives and making a real impact in our world.

In short, you are on a mission to serve with your message. A mission to connect, to inspire, to transform: and you’re ready to step into this vision in a big way.

I’m here to help!

Message on a Mission is a 6-month program where we create a plan for you to become a respected, sought-after thought leader in your industry, with your thought leadership talk at the center of the strategy.

You’ll elevate your brand, attract high-end clients and continue to grow a thriving business – all while making a beautiful difference in the lives of others.

How do we do this?

In addition to developing your talk and honing your delivery, we’ll figure out where your talk will make the biggest splash – where your ideal audience is, and how you can get in front of them.

Using the best practices in speaking that I’ve gathered over two decades of coaching everyone from CEOs to college students, TEDx speakers and best-selling authors, we’ll craft a talk that you are giddy excited to share far and wide.

I’ll help you prepare and practice until it lives inside of you and you can deliver it with full power and grace. Through my special Expression Élan process, you’ll step courageously into your own unique delivery style, making speaking even more fun and fulfilling for you – and more captivating for your audience.

As a result of Message on a Mission, you will…

  • Know exactly what steps to take to establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry, so that you can make an even bigger impact.
  • Craft an amazing talk with a fabulous title…your message on a mission.
  • Create a working list of all the places you will submit to speak.
  • Polish your speaking proposal and create a compelling speaker page that will get you booked by the right organizers.
  • Align your business offerings with your talk.
  • Practice your presentation until it feels like a natural, exciting part of you that you can’t wait to release onto stages everywhere.
  • Plan other ways to gain exposure, including where you should publish, where you should guest post, and where you should be a podcast guest.
You’ll also receive access to some of my favorite tools:

  • My exclusive Speaking With Ease toolkit of anxiety-reducing tools, so you’ll feel excited instead of nervous for your next speaking gig.
  • My beloved Speaking Opportunity Tracker, so you can start putting yourself out there right away and book a fabulous gig that much sooner.
  • My Message on a Mission Speaking Strategy Prep Guide, so you can gain clarity and insights about your message even before we meet.

Just imagine…

Feeling excited and ready to share your message with audiences full of people you are meant to serve. That zingy feeling in your heart when you know that what you have to share is going to light them up and make their lives better. And then the thrill of having the right people come up afterward to talk further about working with you.

How confident you’ll feel when talking to meeting professionals or company leaders about your speaking. Instead of anxiously anticipating these conversations, you’ll be excited to share your message and how it will delight their audience.

The sweet proud feeling you’ll have as you send event professionals to your awesome speaker page. We will make your page so clear, captivating and engaging, the right organizers won’t be able to resist!

If you’re ready to take your speaking to the next level, sign up for a free consult call below and we’ll discuss the program details!


Michelle's class gave me much needed structure and the confidence I needed to actively pursue speaking opportunities. Since signing up for her class, I have booked a speaking event at The Club (a women's networking group in San Francisco)​ and one with a Fortune 500 women's networking group! I am so grateful to Michelle for the structure she gave me in the class and for the constant encouragement to remember that I am here to serve the women I work with!

Melissa Hereford, Negotiate With Confidence