ONE-ON-ONE  Coaching


You're ready to finally meet the most powerful speaker within you.

You’ve spoken before and enjoyed the experience. The kind of speaking you want to do now is different, though. You want to share a message that lives powerfully in your heart and mind. You want to finally take a stand for what matters most to you – and inspire audiences through that stand.

You want an experienced partner to help you craft the talk that you know lives inside of you. You want guidance and support as you step into the most authentic and powerful version of yourself. A trusted guide to help you decide which speaking opportunities are best. You want a fast-track to stepping into leadership as a speaker.

You're in the  Right  Place

We’ll align your message with your business and leadership goals. If appropriate, we'll work collaboratively with your PR and marketing teams to maximize your opportunities for success. We are a team in creating a speaking strategy that supports your deepest goals as a speaker and leader. Whether you are speaking to naturally attract awesome new clients and customers to your business, focused on shining a beautiful bright light on your brand and message or being paid beautifully for your captivating keynote address – we've got this together. 

One-on-one coaching is perfect when you:

  • Have a busy schedule but a deep desire and commitment to share your message
  • Are looking for an expedited path to speaking on the stage
  • Receive requests to speak and need support choosing the best opportunities for your goals
  • Want a partner in creating a talk that powerfully shares your story and expresses your expertise
  • Are ready to distill the process into deep, concentrated work
  • Want to translate your inner confidence to the stage
  • Are looking for a curated, customized experience

Two Ways We Can Work Together 1 on 1

Your Thought Leadership Talk VIP Day Package

You are ready now – and you want to see your Vision come to life as soon as possible. The VIP Day Package is the perfect way to make this happen. Set inside your beautiful retreat space, we spend a full day together diving deep on exactly what you know you are on this earth to say, how you can turn that message into a powerful, room-moving talk and all of the places you will share that message over the next year. 

We'll get so much beautiful work done in our day together, but Your Thought Leadership Talk VIP Day Program isn't over after our deep dive day together. You then have my support and coaching (four additional sessions, plus retainer style email support for a month) to ensure that our awesome work gets refined and ready for sharing far and wide on the stages and pages of your dreams. 

Your Thought Leadership Talk VIP Day Package is the best option if you want to get your talk crafted in a short period of time, and you are highly motivated to take action going forward. This rich personal retreat experience is designed to transform your speaking – and your sense of yourself as a powerful thought leader – in a matter of days or weeks. This is your fastest path.

Here's how it works:

If you are traveling in for your retreat, you will arrive in Marin County, California the day before your VIP Day to check into your lovely suite, which will also be the location of our VIP day together.* Ideally you arrive early enough to enjoy some quiet time in your beautiful space and ease yourself into deep dive retreat mode.

The next morning we meet and transform your suite into our work space. I bring all of the supplies we need for brainstorming, crafting and creative deep diving. We spend the day turning your message into a captivating, inspiring talk structure that you will use as the basis of your thought leadership in the months to come. You will finally see that message you’ve felt burning inside you come to life and be ready to serve others in the way you’ve dreamed.

Our work is not over after your retreat, but we have a rich and powerful treasure chest of material for your talk and your outline will be virtually complete. We refine this message and get you ready for the stage in the week or two after your retreat, setting you up for beautiful success for your next transformational speaking opportunity.

The investment for this VIP Day Package is $7000. Includes two nights accommodations at a lovely retreat location, lunch and some delightful surprises. Does not include airfare. (Payment plans are available.)

If you know that you are meant to be serving powerfully with a deeper message as a speaker, and you want to step into your leadership role quickly with full support, I'd love to support you. 


I knew I had a message to share, but I wasn’t feeling very clear and didn’t know where to start. I like to have a plan; a system. I knew Michelle had a really clear process that was also very nurturing and organic and would really help me determine what my core message was – plus a real strategic plan for how I would craft the talk and the pieces around it. She’s so much more than a speaking coach – she’s a message and thought leadership coach, which is exactly what I needed.

Megan Flatt

If you'd like more time and to reach your Thought Leadership goals from the comfort of your home or office,  I've got a wonderful option for you.

Your 90-Day Thought Leadership VIP Program (online, 1:1 coaching)

Sometimes the best way to tap your most powerful expression is to give the process the power combo of deep dive support and co-thinking AND time and space to process between those deep dives. 

If this is how you work best, the 90-Day Thought Leadership Package is perfect for you.

We get all the essentials in place that we work on together in the VIP Day Package, but we do it in smaller sessions so that you can feel through the outcomes, try on the messaging and test out the ideas that come to you in our work together. 

You can still walk away with (as you wish):

  • Your full Thought Leadership Talk outlined
  • A complete structure for your book – and start the process of writing it with my support!
  • Your thought leadership outreach and tracking planner in full blossom, and you can start actively reaching out for speaking opportunities during our work together
  • Speaker bio
  • Business Offerings planned out
  • Your paid speaking strategy
  • Consulting and help planning your speaker and media page for your website
  • More!

Here's how it works:

We start off our work together with a virtual retreat deep dive. I send you my beloved Virtual Retreat guide before our session, which helps you set up your day for the most nourishing, enriching and brilliance-tapping experience possible. (Everything from breakfast ideas to music to how to modify your space for the most wonderful retreat day.)

During our virtual deep dive retreat, we'll explore your own Story of Transformation, your Vision for your Thought Leadership and begin to map our your message and your talk. We can get so much done in a focused three hours together! 

For the next three months together, we meet every week for 45-minutes per session. These calls are designed to provide answers to questions, inspiration, co-thinking and the priceless knowing that you are not alone on this thought leadership journey. 

While we schedule sessions ahead of time, this program works more like a retainer. I'm your partner over these three months in helping you get everything in place that allows you to be a recognized leader in your industry and share your life-changing message from the stage. 

It will be an honor to get to support you and your message in our world. 

The 90-Day Thought Leadership VIP Program Investment is $4,500. No travel, we meet online. Payment plans available. 

Does this sound like exactly what you've been looking for? Let's chat! 

Here's How to Get Started

  1. As soon as you have decided that you are ready to go all in as a transformational thought leadership speaker, fill out this Let’s Get Started Questionnaire. Our work together begins as you answer these deep dive questions.
  2. Schedule a Shall We Work Together? call on my calendar (click here for the link). During this call we will decide whether working together is the most awesome solution for you. My goal is to do anything I can to get you the right support for your goals. If I'm not the right person, I will share with you any resources or referrals I can to meet that goal.
  3. Schedule your VIP Day and your follow up coaching sessions – If we determine during your strategy call that working together is the best solution for you, we will schedule your first coaching session or VIP Day, including making plans for location and travel (if you choose in-person support), as well as establish clear and exciting outcomes for our work together.
  4. Celebrate! You have just given yourself the kind of high-level, full support to support you in making the most beautiful impact you can imagine in this coming year!


I knew Michelle would deliver on her promise that we would have a talk, and I wanted that. But I didn’t expect to feel so confident standing in front of women delivering that talk.

Denise Lampron

If you know that you are meant to be serving powerfully with a deeper message as a speaker, and you want to step into your leadership role quickly with full support, I'd love to support you.