Craft Your Awesome Talk 5-Day Challenge

Welcome & Day One

Our journey together will take us through my four-step, tried-and-true process of stepping into your leadership:

Release the blocks inhibiting your expression
Take a stand for something that matters
Commit to serve through that stand
Go where they gather and serve

Welcome to Day 1 of
The Path to Thought Leadership Series!


The first step on the The Path to Thought Leadership is:
Take a Stand for Something That Matters.

Today we get you crystal clear on the STAND you are going to take at the heart of your thought leadership. This is the message you will become known for so that you are the consistent top-of-mind thought leader on this topic.

In order to get this clarity, you’ve got to be clear on two things:

  1. Your Rooftop Message
  2. Who you serve with your message
    In today’s video, I guide you through the process of getting clear on both.

Don’t forget to download the worksheet for today’s lesson so you can put this information into action. I want you to complete this course READY to get out there with your message in a big way!

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