The Path to Thought Leadership Series


Take a Stand for Something that Matters


Commit to Serve
Through that Stand


Go Where They Gather
and Serve


It's a Surprise!

Welcome to Day 2 of
The Path to Thought Leadership Series!


Your second step is: Commit to Serve Through that Stand.

This is really about releasing anything in the way of you serving in full leadership as a speaker and beyond with your message.

The 5 Cs of Transformational Thought Leadership give you a way to assess what might be getting in the way of you making the biggest impact as a leader and speaker in your industry.

One day in 2012 I was walking my dogs in the woods near my house in Virginia when I had a sudden insight about the difference between my clients who were finding the most success as speakers and thought leaders, and those we were struggling. I share this story in today’s video, as well as an overview of the 5 Cs of Transformational Thought Leadership.

If you are like so many people in my workshops and programs, this assessment alone will be GOLD to you and your speaking impact.

Don’t forget to download the worksheet above for today’s lesson so you can put this information into action. I want you to complete this course READY to get out there with your message in a big way!

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