The Path to Thought Leadership Series


Take a Stand for Something that Matters


Commit to Serve
Through that Stand


Go Where They Gather
and Serve


It's a Surprise!

Welcome to Day 3 of
The Path to Thought Leadership Series!


The third step on the The Path to Thought Leadership is:
Go Where They Gather & Serve

The people you are meant to serve are already gathering in places both online and in real life, to try to solve the problem you solve and just to be with other like-minded people.

Today we focus on how to find the places where your ideal audience is already gathering so you can gather with them and serve as a speaker, and in many other ways.

Don’t forget to download the worksheet above for today’s lesson so you can put this information into action. I want you to complete this course READY to get out there with your message in a big way!

Remember, we gather in Power & Grace Speaker Circle Facebook group to answer questions and cheer you on. Head on over and share your Rooftop Message and who you serve so we can begin thinking about ways we can support you in getting out there far and wide with your message!

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