You are Glimmering!

You feel the call to speak, write, share your voice like a glow in your center. You’re not sure what you want to say or how, but that glimmer is growing. You are ready to start taking action.

A Note from Michelle

I see you shimmering over there ✨

There’s a good chance the glow has been growing within you for a little while, though it’s possible that more recent circumstances lit the spark.

Either way, something is brewing within you that feels meaningful and important.

There’s no need to rush for clarity or purpose or reasoning, even…

The best thing you can do is honor the glimmer. Listen in… Is there a question calling to be answered within you? Is there something you want to say or talk about or explore more deeply?

Giving yourself extra space and time for insight and new ideas is magic right now. Taking a long walk, extra time in the shower, maybe a road trip or even a personal retreat can help you create the spaciousness to hear what’s growing within you.

While this glimmer may feel new, it is deeply wise. It’s been gathering kindling together for a long time within you.

Enjoy this exploratory time!

Watch, TED talks that call to you, find podcasts that speak to this glimmer, go to museums or dance shows, write in your journal, or talk to yourself in the woods like I love to do…

I want you to know that this call you feel is real and worthy of time and space and attention. That call you feel within you is the only sign you need… you are Made for This. This is meant for you. Let it grow brighter.

If you don’t have it already, this is a great time to download my book Beyond Applause: Make a Meaningful Difference through Transformational Speaking. It will help you get clearer on what’s growing within you and make sense of the message. There is a free very short course that supports the book that you’ll have immediate access to as well.

I’m here cheering you on all the way! Every week you’ll get a note from me with links to my podcast episodes, ideas and stories to support you on your glimmering journey!


  • Watching many TED talks, listening for stories
  • Reading books from thought leaders you haven’t read before
  • Feeling like a whole world has opened up to you

Key Activities

  • Walk and talk your story
  • Search for other thought leaders in your arena
  • Rooftop Message

This phase is about clarity and feeling confident in your message. It’s a wonderful time to get some support! The Made for This Collective may be a perfect place for you to get this support.