You're a Radiant Leader!

You’ve ”arrived”… and it’s only the beginning. You get to see your work in the world impacting many lives. This phase is about legacy and even more discernment with time and resources.

A Note from Michelle

Congratulations to you for coming out the other side of the path to Radiant Leadership. You’ve arrived! 🌟

That doesn’t mean your finished, though… likely you feel like you are just getting started. 

Started on different things, though, than you were before. 

The Radiant stage is when you begin thinking about your legacy. How can your business live on beyond you – or the impact you make reach further than those you’ve served so far. 

Your Radiance is about you and your glow, of course and it’s also about you being a beacon light of hope, radiating your message and work in the world far and wide. 

You may still be in the day to day of the business, but it’s more for your vision and consultation than running it. 

Having the best team possible is paramount – and you’ve worked hard to get to a place where you can truly trust others to take what you’ve so diligently built and keep the ethos as well as the quality alive. 

This is also where the struggle can come in… if you haven’t found that team yet, it can be a stressful time. There are many moving parts to the work you do at this stage and you no longer know how, nor do you want to, handle the details. 

You have a lot of opportunities, questions, requests and desires for your attention coming in from many directions. Again, if you have a great team, you are protected from much of this. But if you don’t then this can feel like way too much to handle. 

Saying “No” has become much easier. Unless it's around something you deeply care about, you aren’t going to spend time and energy on it. 

Fewer but higher impact and higher paying speaking gigs, podcast interviews only on podcasts that have remarkable reach… it’s not because you don’t want to help others, it’s that time and energy preservation are essential for you to lead at this stage. 

Years of experience and testing have resulted in extraordinary clarity about your message and what serves your audience. Original research – your own model, a clearly defined paradigm, research findings from your own studies – allows you to transfer knowledge and transformation through your proven approach to others. 

Whether you’ve certified others to carry on your work, or simply brought on a team that is well versed in serving your audience, your ability to reach more people is multiplied. 

At the Radiant stage you pick and choose what you share and how. Often this means being more personally disclosive than the past, possibly telling your own leadership journey story. 

Sometimes you hop off social media at this phase, though your team may handle social media and other marketing using things you’ve shared in the past. You may be a part of the planning – and you may be completely out of it. 

Focus on your energy – vibrant, spacious, authentic… this is the stage where you can make waves far and wide with your experience and voice. 

I love working with founders and leaders in the Radiant Leadership stage. It’s a perfect time to have an executive coach wingwoman to bounce ideas, co-think and otherwise step into whatever you want next for your life and work journey. I’d love to support you as you continue to show up and shine with your voice and message.  Let’s chat about how we can work together. Go here to get that process started.


  • Probably speaking less than before, but higher end events
  • May have others sharing your message, possible certification program
  • Looking at how to give back beyond your company

Key Activities

  • Keep learning how to lead well – internally and in the world.
  • Say “no” more.
  • Get the right kind of support

You know how valuable and important expert and high-level support is at this stage. If you are wishing for a wingwoman who will ask you the hard questions and be a thought partner as you do the best work of your life right now, let’s talk about how we might work together. Here’s where we get that conversation started.