What is Your Most  Natural Speaking Style?

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You know that speaking is a powerful way to change lives, grow your business, make a meaningful difference in our world.

And you know you want to be doing way more of it, delivering in the most powerful way possible.

It's easy to think that the only way to be a great speaker is to be larger than life, hilarious and dynamic on stage. However, this is simply not true.

Your most powerful speaking style is the one that comes naturally to you.

Yet, with so much confusing information out there about how we have to be on stage, it's easy to feel uncertain exactly what our most natural style is. Between fancy “corporate speak” and examples of speakers like Tony Robbins and even some of the great TED speakers we see online, it's hard not to think we should emulate these well-known speakers in order to make our own big impact.

The truth is – your greatest impact comes when your audiences feels the strongest connection with you. This connection comes when you are bringing your full authentic self.

In my almost two decades as a speaking mentor and coach, I've distilled the types of speaking styles down to these five main types.

Learning which type you fit into can help you begin  the process of stepping more fully into your own most natural style.

This doesn't mean you are exactly like others who fit into these broad type categories (of course not, you are way more unique in your style than that), but it is a powerful way to begin stepping more fully into who you are meant to be as a leadership speaker.

Let's get your style type named! With your result will come additional ideas for how to get even more connected with your own unique style, as well as how to make the most of your style when you are on stage.

(This style naming process is one of the most beloved processes I share with my high-level clients – and you are getting a powerful part of this process for free! So fun!)


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