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For a limited time, I'm offering a Quick E-Course—FREE. In this course, you'll learn:

  • How to define your rooftop message
  • Tricks for anixiety and control
  • Who you are serving with your message
  • Strageties & tools for speaking

How do you know which “rooftop message” to take a stand for in your work?

There is no more powerful way to make a meaningful impact for many people all at once than engaging and inspiring speaking.  

Of course, engaging speaking also magnetizes clients, attracts fans and collaborators and sets you up as a known expert in your field. These are all brilliant bonuses of making a meaningful impact on the lives of those in your audience.  

The contents of this course will help you begin stepping onto stages and into the front of rooms with more ease, impact and frequency. 

Radical Clarity of your Rooftop Message This may surprise you, but this is one of the most common barriers to successful business, especially for those of us who are building a business with a powerful message at the core (which everyone should be doing).  


Michelle Barry Franco is a speaker, author and public speaking coach who is on a mission to amplify voices for good in our world. She helps all kinds of speakers including C-suite leaders, founders and best-selling authors be successful in one of the bravest choices of their lives: sharing their stories and expertise for the benefit of others. She is the author of the new book Beyond Applause: Make a Meaningful Difference through Transformational Speaking.