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Feel more confident and clear when you share your voice, everywhere.

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Are these thoughts playing on repeat in your mind, especially lately?

“I feel like I’m yelling into a void.”
“Who will even care what I have to say?”
“What if I embarrass myself?”
“It feels like my words are being completely ignored or disregarded.”

Or, maybe it’s more about how you feel about what you’re saying…

“I’m tired of sugar-coating the truth.”
“I feel like I have to pretend I’m someone I’m not in order to be successful.”
“I just wish I felt more connected on social media. It feels inauthentic to me.”

Whether you are tired of trying so hard to “get it right” on social media, in videos, or in your business outreach – or you are just DONE staying quiet and not sharing the fullness of who you are and what you have to say – IT’S TIME.

Your voice – your experiences and stories, your expertise, your requests, your boundaries… they matter.

And it’s way past time for you to step fully into your most powerful expression of that gorgeous voice of yours.

That’s what we’ll gather to talk about beginning on March 3rd.

We’ll start with the brand new, never before shared

In this masterclass replay, we cover…


How to know what you really want to say, then articulate it in a way that helps you reach your desired outcome.


How to release the energetic, vocal and sometimes physical blocks that get in the way of you sharing your voice with conviction.


You have a naturally magnetic way of sharing your voice that’s powerfully yours. We’ll tap into that well of energy for your greatest courage and joy!

And then, built on some simple decisions and plans you’ll make in our masterclass together, we’ll spend the week of March 7th IMPLEMENTING on those promises you make to yourself during and after our masterclass. 

The BEST PART: I’ll be there with you all the way – and so will your new Say What You Want to Say crew!

I realize you’re probably used to signing up for masterclasses to help you do one thing very specifically (grow your email list, plan healthy meals for your family, etc.). This masterclass might feel a bit vague in contrast. So hear me now:



You deserve to be heard in every area of your life.

I’ve spent more than 20 years helping super smart people like you say meaningful things on stages, in their books, and in many high stakes meetings and I can tell you this…



Knowing what you want to say and then saying it with full conviction is a struggle for almost everyone – and what I’m sharing in this masterclass + challenge will help in every single area of your life and work.

Here are some things you’ll enjoy more if you apply what you learn in our masterclass + challenge week experience:

    ✔️ Sharing your ideas and expertise on social media

    ✔️ Telling your family how you want to spend the weekend

    ✔️ Pitching to be a guest on awesome podcasts

    ✔️ Asking for what you want in the bedroom and/or boardroom

    ✔️ Inviting new friends to coffee or on epic friend-ventures

    ✔️ Offering your services or products to people who need you

    ✔️ Telling your stories for business, pleasure and/or world-changing impact

Let’s unleash your voice so you can make the beautiful impact – and enjoy the full freedom – meant for you! 

Working with Michelle the last few months has helped me to see that I can be successful in business and still have this lovely, receptive, graceful, feminine energy about my work. I know that our work together is going to be the foundation of my new body of work for the next few years, if not the next decade of my career as a coach and speaker. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Elizabeth Barbour


Feel more confident and clear when you share your voice,  everywhere.

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