Selling your soul sounds so sinister. (Say that ten times fast!)

Yet, the products of our soul are so amazingly brilliant, why would we not share them with the world? Seriously – it seems wrong to keep them too close, hidden and hoarded.

To me, it feels like our responsibility to bring our brilliance to the world. I'm not the only one who thinks so, either, as you surely know. Martha Graham wrote this famous quote (which is my favorite quote ever – even above this well-advised, spicy quote by D. H. Lawrence, which I also dig) which essentially insists that we bring our essential soul gifts to the world. While Graham says nothing about actually making money off of this Contribution, it seems pretty obvious the benefits it would bring to your productivity to be able to pay your bills and bring your brilliance all in one fell swoop, doesn't it?

Other smart people talk about how important it is that we bring our greatness to the world/marketplace, too.

Real Contribution is extraordinarily powerful – and it is right to think seriously about the ways we utilize that power we hold. Once you have checked in with yourself and know that you are being right, good and integritous (as you see it and your tribe/community/village experiences it) in your offering, selling your soul is simply the most sustainable way for you to make a real Contribution in this world.