Are you ready to finally share your voice with Power & Grace?

Whether you are ready to step onto stages with your message or write your book or simply talk about your heart’s work in a way that resonates and lights others up, I’d love to help.

That message that lives in your heart – whether it’s as clear as the light of day or feels like a swirl of knowing searching for words – is meant to serve in our world. We know because you feel that call to share it.

You Can Do This. I’ve Got You.

I’m here to guide you into bringing your voice to those who need it – through your great speaking, your message clarity overall and all of your interactions on behalf of your difference in the world.

Together we’ll dive deep into what your heart is called to say and turn that into a message, a talk, a book or your overall business expression. We’ll explore your stories – personal stories, client stories and the stories all around you – that help you serve through your speaking and beyond. 

It can be scary to step into a greater expression of our message and voice. Many people avoid it (maybe you have been avoiding it) but that fire in your belly to speak up, to share your message and your story, is powerful. (I know. I’ve been there. So have all of my clients.)

If what you are reading here resonates there is a very good chance you’re ready to leap into sharing your voice and telling your story. I’m here to help.

Here’s How We Coach You to Be  Stage Ready:






Group Coaching

In this two-part in-person immersion program you’ll work in connection with an intimate group of mission-driven leaders just like you to craft your message, practice in a safe setting, and share feedback, support – and speaking testimonials! This is a full solution program that includes a LIVE event where you will deliver your talk, be recorded for your very own speaker reel, and get lots of training and support from Michelle. You will be READY to hit the speaking world as a speaker when this beautifully supported immersion program is complete!

At the end of it you’ll have absolutely everything you need to go live on the stage, including:

  • A finalized speech
  • How to share your Story of Transformation
  • Professionally edited speaker reel
  • Testimonials from a live audience
  • Professional photos for your speaker page
  • Clear and loving guidance on your delivery
  • Complete Guide to implement a speaker page on your website

Perfect for those who:

  • Want to craft their message with the support of other mission-driven leaders
  • Look forward to practicing their delivery in a safe environment
  • Are ready to immerse themselves into the process, so the can get their talks completed quickly
  • Feel excited to dive deep to reveal their best talk content
  • Want to attract ideal clients and speaking opportunities over and over again
  • Desire having everything they need to step into speaking as a leader quickly and with group support

If you don’t know where to start, but are driven to finally become the speaker you are meant to be, then this is for you. Join us.


Michelle’s class gave me much needed structure and the confidence I needed to actively pursue speaking opportunities. Since signing up for her class, I have booked a speaking event at The Club (a women’s networking group in San Francisco)​ and one with a Fortune 500 women’s networking group! I am so grateful to Michelle for the structure she gave me in the class and for the constant encouragement to remember that I am here to serve the women I work with!

Melissa Hereford, Negotiate With Confidence

1-on-1 Coaching

This isn’t your first rodeo as a speaker. You’ve spoken before and enjoyed the experience. The kind of speaking you want to do now is different, though. You want to share a message that lives powerfully in your heart and mind. You want to finally take a stand for what matters most to you – and inspire audiences through that stand.

You want an experienced partner to help you craft the talk that you know lives inside of you. You want guidance and support as you step into the most authentic and powerful version of yourself. A trusted guide to help you decide which speaking opportunities are best. You want a fast-track to stepping into leadership as a speaker.

You are in the right place. Together we will clarify your message and get you ready for the best stages where you can make the most impact.

We’ll align your message with your business and leadership goals. We’ll work collaboratively with your PR and marketing teams to maximize your opportunities for success.

At the end of our work together you’ll have:

  • A beautifully crafted talk, co-written by Michelle
  • Confidence in your skills as a speaker and thought leader
  • A full treasure chest of tools you can draw on over and over again
  • Rehearsal sessions to practice delivery and get feedback
  • Clear guidelines on which speaking opportunities are the best fit
  • A clearer vision of what the key message you’re meant to share

Perfect for those who:

  • Have full schedules, little free time, but a deep desire to share their message
  • Are looking for an expedited path to speaking on the stage
  • Have lots of momentum, are getting lots of requests and need support choosing the best opportunities
  • Are ready to distill the process into deep, fast work
  • Want to translate their inner confidence to the stage
  • Are looking for a curated, customized experience

If you know that you are meant to be sharing serving powerfully with a deeper message as a speaker, and you want to step into your leadership role quickly with full support, this is for you.


Working with you the last few months, it has helped me to see that I can be successful in business and still have this lovely, receptive, graceful, feminine energy about my work because you model that so beautifully. You’ve helped me to see that there is power, strength and transformation that occurs in the intimate details of sharing a story and connecting with my audience on a deeper level. You are a gifted listener, a discerning coach, a resourceful entrepreneur and I know that our work together is going to be the foundation of my new body of work for the next few years, if not the next decade of my career as a coach and speaker. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Elizabeth Barbour