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Being a captivating and engaging speaker is a leadership move, and taking this leadership role in your industry will allow you to grow your business and serve the world in the way you envision.

There really is no more powerful way to change lives – and naturally attract awesome new clients – than captivating and inspiring speaking.

The Problem is This – No One Teaches Us How to Do This Kind of Speaking.

Role models in regular business are frequently awful because everyone is trying to be too professional and losing all of their charm and personality in the process. And very few of us are – or want to be – leaping across the stage like Tony Robbins (no disrespect to Tony, who I love). We’ve got TED talks as a reference but it’s a total mystery HOW those people got there and where they learned to speak like that.

You’ve probably done some speaking and been pretty good – maybe even very good. But you know in your heart of hearts that you can be better on stage… awesome, even. You can feel it in you that you are meant to light up their hearts and minds and inspire them into the kind of action that truly changes things for them.

You just need to know how to do it. You wonder things like:

  • What are the best practices for creating the kind of talk that has that impact?
  • How do you use the treasure chest of stories you have from your own experience – and experience with clients? Which stories matter? How do you tell these stories so they have the kind of impact you know they can have?
  • Should you use slides or is better to just walk the stage and use gestures and movement to keep their attention?
  • Do you have to be dynamic and wildy outgoing to be awesome on stage? Can you really be a great speaker just being yourself?
  • How long should your talk be?
  • How do you keep them from getting bored or picking up their phones?
  • How do we compete with the phones?!

In this program, we cover:

  • How to get crystal clear on The Stand You Take (that message at the center of your speaking and thought leadership)
  • Who you serve through your speaking and thought leadership – the audience who will be most powerfully impact by your message, amazing life experience and expertise
  • What content to include in your talk (and what to leave out) to make it the most captivating and motivating talk possible
  • How to tell your own personal story of transformation in the most powerful way possible (while taking care of you and any vulnerable feelings too)
  • When to use slides and all kinds of other amplifying aids you can bring to make the most engaging experience for your audience
  • The appropriate length of time for your talk – and how to use time in a way that keeps them connected and excited to be with you the whole time (regardless of how long you are scheduled to speak)
  • What to wear so you feel awesome – and comfortable and confident, too!
  • How to release speaking anxiety that may be blocking your greatest expression – and harness the extra energy that is a natural part of public speaking

Here’s an overview of
the content of this course:


Module One: Before You Begin Crafting Your Talk
Clarity of core message
Audience Intimacy
Goals for this talk

Module Two: Crafting Your Talk
Outlining your talk
The Magic Mix of Content
How to craft a compelling Intro
Call to action

Module Three: Practicing Your Talk
Walk & Talk
How much is too much?
Where, when and how to practice

Module Four: Delivering Your Talk
What to do when you first arrive on stage
How to move through speaking anxiety
Ways to use your hands and body to enhance your talk
Amplifying aids – including creating great presentation slides

Module Five: After Your Talk
Post Presentation Syndrome (PPS)
How to make the most of your talk
Following up with your audience

About Your Guide in this Program – Meet Michelle

That’s me! I’ve been honored to work with an incredible variety of high-level speakers. From founders of award-winning companies to leaders in national non-profit organizations and many coaches, wellness experts and other creative thought leaders, I’ve had the opportunity to help many mission-driven leaders turn their stories and experiences into room-moving transformational keynote speeches, TEDx talks and presentations. I’m a speaker, too. So, I know what it takes to get on those stages – even when it’s daunting and pushes right up against the edges of what we think we are capable of – and I know what it feels like on the other side of meeting ourselves at that powerful place of great contribution that this kind of speaking inspires. It’s honestly the deepest reason I do this work. Become the person who delivers talks at this level is life-changing in countless ways.

This course is designed for you to walk step by step through the entire process of crafting your captivating & engaging talk, speech or presentation.

You’ll refer back to it again and again! (See what clients have to say below)


Michelle helped me to see that there is power, strength and transformation that occurs in the intimate details of sharing a story and connecting with my audience on a deeper level.

Elizabeth Barbour

Founder of Sacred Celebrations

I’ve been pretty nervous about speaking, and I feel like Michelle opened this whole world to me and provided a landing strip for me in such a cool way. I felt like I had access to a world class teacher throughout the course.

Jane Selle Morgan

Creative studio founder

So Are You Ready?

(oh, I hope so! I’m so excited for you!)

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