Learn to share your message with clarity, confidence & conviction every time you speak.

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You were meant to  serve others
with your message.

How do I know this?

Because you wouldn’t feel that drive and passion to change lives with your message, if you weren’t meant for this.

If only it were as simple as knowing this, though, right?

There are so many questions:

  • How do I clarify my message so that has the greatest impact?
  • Where do I share this message to serve the right people?
  • Are there certain things I should say or do when speaking that attract the right kind of clients?
  • How do I take my message to all of the online platforms: video, Facebook Live, webinars, etc?
  • And maybe most of all, how do I release the anxiety that keeps me spinning on all of these questions and never quite delivering the way I know I’m capable of?

You know that clarifying your message and figuring out who you are meant to serve with it will impact so many aspects of your business and mission – it also expands into your social media strategy, blog and video content, the way you sell your products and programs, and more.

Holding all of these questions, alongside your great desire to share your message far and wide, can feel overwhelming.

That’s why I created the

5-Day Challenge.

I want to help you overcome all those doubts and fears, get crystal clear on your core message and who you are meant to serve through that message.

At the end of our time together, with my guidance along the way, you will be able to clearly articulate your powerful core message in a way that magnetizes those you are meant to serve. And if you choose (Prizes! Prizes!), you will share that video during the visibility challenge, entering you to win some pretty delightful prizes. So FUN!


Michelle brought such an undercurrent of cheerleading and desire for our success that felt completely genuine. I’ve been pretty nervous about speaking, and I feel like Michelle opened this whole world to me and provided a landing strip for me in such a cool way. I felt like I had access to a world class teacher throughout the course.

Jane Selle Morgan

Who am I? I’m Michelle – and I’m thrilled you’re here.

As a speaking and story coach for people who want to light up the world with their ideas and gifts, I know what it takes to finally commit to taking your speaking up a level or three.

Maybe you’ve already been sharing your message; speaking at local venues or through online webinars, summits or other events. You may have even spoken at larger conferences once or twice. But you know that you are meant to take a bolder stand – to reach more people with your message.

The thing is: It’s nerve wracking to take a bigger step with your speaking, even while you are excited about these possibilities – I like to call this “nervcited.”

Wherever you are on your speaking journey and whatever mix of emotions you carry, you are in exactly the right place. This is the perfect time to take your speaking to the next level and I’d love to help in any way I can.

Because here is what I know for sure: speaking is a powerful way to make a meaningful difference for a lot of people all at once.

This 5-day challenge is a perfect foundation for that kind of difference!

Let’s get you feeling clear, confident and excited to share your message far and wide through speaking.


Learn to share your message with clarity, confidence and conviction every time you speak

Enter your email to sign up for this 5-day FREE challenge.