Succeed or Fail? Contemplations on the Eve of a Product Launch

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I am getting close to launching the first The Brazen Soul program. I'm having all kinds of crazy mixed emotions as the product creation process winds toward closing.

I'm thinking:

What if no one wants this?

What if I can't reach the people who need it the most?

Is my “community” large enough (on and offline) to give this program a real chance?

There are more questions – really too many to list. But you get the idea. I'm nervous.

The thing is, I KNOW this program will be immensely helpful to passion-driven entrepreneurs who want a guide for getting their passion articulated into a real business idea. I KNOW it will help them craft amazing messaging so that they can get the word out in brilliant ways. I KNOW all that.

But then, I'm not the only business owner who has KNOWN that what they had would really make a difference.

Succeed or Fail – Just Ship!

You already know about Seth Godin – and you probably read his blog – so you know that his latest post was on Unrealized Projects. He talks about just getting your stuff shipped. Just doing it. He reminds me to “dream big and don't make it.” I felt better hearing about all of Tim Burton's “failed” movie projects – mostly. After all, he also put out cool (and freaky, really)  stuff like Edward Scissorhands and Pee-Wee's Big Adventure.

Contribution Trumps Fear

So, I try to tell myself that in order to bring to life the Brazen Soul Dream, I have to do some risky stuff that will fail. I tell myself that even if this first product I'm going to launch in about two weeks doesn't find it's Big place in the world of passion-driven entrepreneurs, I'll just be that much closer to the extraordinary Contribution that lands in a big way with my community.

I'm not sure this all makes me feel less anxious, but it does make me fell totally motivated to get it shipped and find out. I know this is a kick-ass product. I also know that I plan to make many more Contributions to my community until I find the sweet spot that makes a real difference in getting Brazen Soul Dreams into reality.

So, head's up everyone! I'm taking the big risk. And I'm smiling through my nerves.