You want your business to 

shine bright with your message.

You got into business because you knew you had something important to share. You want that message to serve on every level.
Yet, there are so many questions you need answers to in order to make the biggest impact.

You need to know things like:

  • Is my message clear and powerful enough?
  • How do I create an offering that truly serves and helps my business thrive?
  • I keep hearing that I need a “platform.” What do I need to do to build one?
  • What’s the best way to use speaking to grow my business?
  • If I write a book, how do I make sure it’s the RIGHT one for my business and impact goals?
  • Where do I start to create an email list that allows me to nurture relationships?
  • What “freebie” should I offer on my website to help grow my email list?
  • How does thought leadership serve my business – and where do I start with it?

When I started my business 15 years ago, I had no idea what I was doing. 

I was deep in a master’s degree program in counseling and had the sudden realization that I didn’t need the degree I was getting in order to do the work I was meant to do. 

I spent thousands of hours learning everything I needed to know – and went through a tremendous amount of trial and error. If I can shorten this learning curve for you, I want to do that! 

If your business is built on a message you care about, your story and/or expertise – this course will serve you beautifully. It answers so many of the questions you have (or might not yet know you should have!). 

The BusinessYou Came to Build
course includes guidance on:

Crystal clarity on your distinct message – and who you are most meant to serve with that message

The Stand you take as a leader – what you have to say that uniquely and powerfully contributes to the health, well-being and vibrancy of those you serve

A brand style that feels authentic and natural to you – and that calls the name of your ideal clients 

Website copy and design that feels amazing – and right on for your style – and lights up the hearts and minds of the kind of clients you can help most

A system for calling in an audience you can nurture into wonderful new clients

Guidance on how to create videos that captivate and engage, especially during these new and different times of physical distancing

Ideas and clear systems for how to show up consistently online via social media in a way that honors your own style and is truly useful, not just more noise in the online world

Access to all of this and more for only $197!

See yourself stepping fully into the next level of the business of your heart. Know that your mission, message and livelihood are built on what matters to you.


        • 6 Modules with succinct videos, including stories as well as guidance, so you see how they apply to real life.
        • Fully searchable videos – search key words and be taken to that exact spot in training videos – saves you so much time!
        • Handouts to support application of what you learn
        • Checklists, tracking tools, and other supportive handouts
        • A completely workbook that supports you in applying everything you are learning to your specific business
        • Access to the course 24/7 and forever


        • You’ve started your business but are feeling lost as you try to get clarity on your message & how to share it
        • You want to be a recognized leader in your industry and have your business be a natural extension of that
        • You like the idea of making a plan for visibility so you can show up and shine regularly (lots of support here!)
        • You love the idea of learning whenever and wherever you want – this course is available to you 24/7, to do at your own pace
        • You’re ready to go all in on your own message, story & expertise in your business


      • You are looking for the nitty gritty details of setting up your business like licensing, legal entity, bank accounts – this course is about what you say in your business.
      • You want someone to bring clients, speaking opportunities and books deals to you – in here you’ll learn what it takes to magnetize those opportunities over time through showing up.
      • You need 1:1 support and coaching – if that’s the case, let’s talk about other ways we can get you that support! 
      • You aren’t willing to set aside time, watch/listen to videos and audio and do the work to uplevel your business. You’ll have what you need here in this course – you’ll just have to dive in and do it!

It’s my honor to share with you all the things I wish I knew as I was growing my business with a message at the heart!

This whole entire course is only $195!

The BusinessYou Came to Build

You can get access TODAY for only $197 –

access to content of this course is forever.

"I started working with Michelle because I was struggling with confidence in my thought leadership. I found myself going in circles around and around my core message and how I help others. She's helped me find clarity and confidence in my messaging and deliver even more impact as both a coach and speaker." ~ Elena Sonnino, Author, Speaker & Coach

"Michelle takes public speaking coaching into an entirely different dimension. I trust Michelle implicitly since I know that she brings her whole heart and passion to her work. And, the strategic advice and guidance she has given me on creating talks that I believe in and feel comfortable doing, has been invaluable. I'm so looking forward to continuing my work with Michelle. ~ Grace Kraaijvanger, Founder, The Hivery

Meet Michelle Barry Franco

Michelle Barry Franco works with executive leaders, founders and entrepreneurs who want to lead with clarity, confidence and heart. She has spent the last 12 years supporting high-level leaders share their message and story on TEDx stages and at the best conferences in their industry, as well as being a trusted advisor and coach for all aspects of leadership. She is the author of Beyond Applause: Make a Meaningful Difference through Transformational Speaking and creator Speak So It Matters presentations skills training. You can learn more about Michelle at michellebarryfranco.com.

This whole entire course is only $197