The Thriving 

Thought Leader

Build the powerful business and mission you dream of as a recognized leader in your industry
An 8-month business and thought leadership program 

You know that you are meant to make an even  bigger impact with your message and your mission.

You're ready for the big stages, the completely booked client list, the TEDx stage. This is the serious implementation phase – and you're committed to making it amazing. 

Let's take our  Coaching
up a notch… or seven.

I'm so excited to support you as you take that brilliant, client-attracting thought leadership talk to as many stages as possible.

Whether it's a quick check-in before you hit send on that speaker application or a run-through of your talk before a super exciting audience, you will have the support you dream of as you make your way to recognized leadership in your industry. 

The Thriving Thought Leader is about stepping fully into your role as a leader in your industry through speaking in all of its forms (online and offline) plus all the ways you establish leadership.

This is the most client-magnetizing work you will ever do – and it's growth is exponential over time. Your business and mission is meant to THRIVE!
And so are you.

This is about taking your talk and platform you already built and IMPLEMENTING – with beautiful, full support.

Here’s what you get in this program:

  • Eight months of support – 1:1 coaching, weekly zoom sessions, Voxer support (voice memo coaching anytime!), email – we are here for you. You are not doing this alone.
  • Two 45-minute 1:1 coaching session per month
  • Office hours two times per month (every other week via zoom, get your coaching questions answered, hear how another awesome thought leadership colleague landed their last awesome speaking gig, strategize your next quarter goals – bring what's most pressing and let's get it handled.
  • Guidance and support on any speaker submissions you send out, including talk titles and descriptions as well as customizations on your talks.
  • Co-creation of your speaker bio, support and guidance on your speaker and media page and all other marketing support materials for speaking, podcast guesting and thought leadership
  • Collaborative revisions of your Rooftop Message Talk and help crafting any new talk you create during this program. You'll be ready for whatever amazing opportunity comes your way.
  • Feedback and guidance on your presentation slide deck and other amplifying aids – plus brainstorming on exciting and unexpected audience engagement activities to uplevel your next audience experience (this is one of our sweet spots!)
  • A private Facebook group where you can ask questions, share celebrations and otherwise soak up support and love any time of day or night. This group is only for Thriving Thought Leader clients so everyone is doing the bold and beautiful kind of work you are doing. It's amazing to know you are never alone on this amazing path to big and heart-full impact.
  • Access to “Thought Leadership Resources Hub” with all kinds of digital programs like “Releasing Fear,” “The Message You Came to Share” and “How to Create a Speaker Page” Plus checklists like “Questions to Ask the Meeting Organizer” and “Supplies checklist” (to use for every speaking event)
  • Live 2.5 Day Retreat with DELIVERY DAY in beautiful California
    • 2.5 days of rich work together on speaking and thought leadership strategy, talk refinement, releasing deeper levels of fear and resistance
    • Hang out with other committed thought leadership speakers to share ideas, successes and support – and create relationships that will last long beyond our time together (this is one of the best parts of this program)
    • The opportunity to deliver live in front of our group and get clear and loving feedback as well as professional videography/photography to use in all of your speaking materials (speaker page, speaker one-sheet, etc.
    • PROFESSIONAL VIDEO & PHOTOS OF YOU SPEAKING at Delivery Day at our Live Retreat for your Speaker Page. These would cost thousands of dollars to get on your own and are invaluable toward growing your speaking opportunities! I'm so excited you'll have these awesome assets!
    • Free attendance at any daylong workshop or Delivery Day we put on during your coaching program (stage time cannot be promised, though we do our best to create opportunities to speak, take photos and ramp up your speaker reel and page every time you attend an event! 
Retreat and Live Delivery Day:

Rooftop Message Talks

The magic of gathering live and delivering your talk with power and grace, in front of an audience who is as excited about your success as you are is impossible to describe. We are making that happen!

You’ll spend 2.5 Days in gorgeous Northern California very near San Francisco. We’ll dive deep on talk refinement, practice together, share coaching feedback and suggestions. Of course, we’ll talk speaking and thought leadership strategy and set you up with a speaking and thought leadership plan that sets you up to be on the best stages in your industry.

And then there’s DELIVERY DAY!

We bring in our amazing video and photography teams, set you up with lighting, makeup and style consulting and get you all ready to own that stage like never before. With your supportive and excited-for-you thought leadership colleagues in the audience, it’s your time to SHINE!

And we’ll capture it all on video and in photos, so you can uplevel your speaker page for all the event planners who will be seeking you out!

 Program Investment:

Investment is 7 X $2,000 (paid monthly) includes eight months of coaching, professional sizzle reel and photography, Live 2.5 Day Thriving Thought Leader VIP Coaching Retreat with LIVE DELIVERY DAY (breakfast and lunch covered at events). Plus access to The Thriving Thought Leader Hub of online courses while in the program.

($13,000 if paid in full up front)