Your life is good. Work is great…ish. And that used to be enough. But lately great-ish isn’t really cutting it.

You know you were made for so much more than this.

You  know you have great ideas to share.

That you are smart, thoughtful, clever even… (if you do say so yourself – and please do!)

You want to share your ideas and stories with power and grace. To make clear your boundaries and requests. You want to say what’s on your mind and be courageous with your voice — because you know you have so much more to contribute in this world.   

In a word, you want to be UNLEASHED.

I would  love to help you do this.

Your voice matters. You are meant to say, do and be big things in this lifetime.

Let’s make that happen.

We begin May 2, 2022. Investment is $6,000 for 6 months mastermind coaching plus retreat, travel not included. Payment plan available.

(This is an application only group. Before anybody makes a commitment we’ll have a conversation to make sure this is a fit.)


The first conversation we had made me realize that what I really have to say is so much bigger. She helped me get to the heart of my message—what the real big message was. It was the best day ever. Some of the best work that I did, definitely, in 2019 was with Michelle.

Rachel Rodgers
CEO, Hello Seven

No matter how many self-help books you read, workshops you attend, and bold, inspirational women you follow online, you still feel like you aren’t saying what you really want to say.

Every time you try to “go for it” with your own voice, you feel this creeping fear and uncertainty rising in your belly, wondering:


What will people think if I say this?


Is this even “good enough” to share?


What if I say this and wish I hadn’t?

Yet, you are a confident woman. You wouldn’t have gotten this far in your life if you weren’t.

You don’t broadcast this to everyone you meet, of course, but you know that you are smart, articulate, engaging — a leader in so many ways.  

That’s what makes this so perplexing! If you are able to be successful in so many other areas of your life, why can’t you just say the fullness of what you want to say?! What is stopping you?

While people in your life say things like, “I  wish I had your confidence”…

…you know there is so much more brewing within you – and that your most successful business, career and life are right there on the other side of that full expression.

It’s time to honor that feeling.
It’s time to realize that full potential.

It’s time for you to become UNLEASHED.

(This is an application only group. Before anybody makes a commitment we’ll have a conversation to make sure this is a fit.)

Here's the  thing:

Sometimes we think that the problem is that we aren’t quite “expert” enough or we don’t have enough clarity to share an idea. Yet, in 15+ years working with brilliant leaders here’s what I’ve come to understand:

Feeling connected with your contribution in the world isn’t really about that.

In fact, you already know you’re an expert and have clear ideas to share. You also know that you deserve to be heard. 

In fact, you know that if you were able to share your voice with full freedom, not only would you feel more satisfied and engaged in the world, but you’d be an amazing example of what’s possible for others. 

…What eludes you is how to tap into that full freedom expression that will allow you to say the things that scare you, to stand fully in your most powerful voice and to release the hold that fear of rejection can have on you.

You know that the answer to this stuck feeling that keeps haunting you is this kind of unleashed expression. So much so that you can see, feel, taste…  the thriving business, deeply connected relationships, and grounded sense of purpose in your mind, in vivid color.

You’re tired of feeling like you are skimming the surface of what’s possible for you, your work, your life and your contribution. 


Michelle is my go-to person for all things speaking and messaging! I know she will help my audience and clients not only get clear on their message but make sure it's a message that feels amazing for them to share. She's warm and engaging as a presenter and my groups always ask to have her come back again for more!

Susan Hyatt
CEO, Susan Hyatt Inc & Susan Hyatt The Agency, TEDx speaker

You know you were made for  this.

So far, you’ve used your leadership and voice strategically, thoughtfully and you’ve loved that. But, you’re ready to let go of worrying about whether what you say will “land” or “work” and spend more time following your intuitive hits and desire to share  – you have a strong sense that THIS is where your most powerful impact lives.

You’ve done enough speaking, sharing your ideas, self-reflection to know that you can become a “better communicator” and learn to “set boundaries” while still feeling unexpressed. You are ready to stop hiding and say the things you really want to say in every area of your life.

Sometimes it happens. Someone comes up to tell you that your story and your willingness to be vulnerable and honest inspired them and made them feel less alone. You want more of that.

When you are deeply honest with yourself, you just know that you are meant to push the edges of your comfort level. It’s a call in your heart that keeps growing. 

Being a “Confident Communicator” is not enough for you anymore. You know you are meant to say, do and be so much more.

The worst part is: this problem is not just preventing you from saying what you want to say and feeling fully expressed – it’s also preventing you from  growing

The  truth?

This full expression approach to life and work is not just a dream for you – it is a calling. 

You were meant to Say, Do and Be in this lifetime in a big way, contributing through your voice and living your life with courageous expression.

And every day you spend wondering how to make it happen or what you might be doing wrong just increases your doubt and uncertainty – and amplifies the fear that you’ll never figure it out. 

I totally get it.
This was my story, too.

I’ve been a speaking and thought leadership teacher, mentor and coach for more than 20 years. I’ve mastered the art and know the science of excellent communication.

For a long time, the satisfaction of applying “best practices” to becoming a brilliant, sought-after speaker and building a great business was enough. 

Watching my clients shine and thrive was amazing.

After a while, though, I realized that focusing on best practices and strategy wasn’t enough. It got us into motion and helped with clarity but in many ways, it actually blocked our most powerful expression.

Trying to do it “right” and making it work for my audience was actually stopping me from doing the very thing I felt soul-driven to do: express myself fully.

As soon as I noticed this in myself, I began to see how it was creating blocks for my clients too. Our desire to “serve” in a way that “works” was actually making us less impactful. 

In fact, it was paralyzing for too many of my clients! 

This was a real problem because I had built my business and platform on simple systems and clear strategies for sharing your message. I had said plenty about the “right” and “wrong” way to use your voice. 

People hired me to get their message right and apply a strategy that works to their business and life…

And now I wanted to tell everyone that they should THROW AWAY much of that advice! 

How was this even going to work for me professionally and personally? Was it really possible to say what you really want to say – in business and life overall – and still be successful and enjoy happy relationships? 

(I had been using my “expert” approaches for so long, it was hard to imagine that this “freeform” expression could possibly be good!)

Right now, I’m going to guess you are in a similar place. You’ve gotten really good at saying things in a way that makes sense, is smart and thoughtful – and people like that about you (maybe even compliment you on it frequently). 

Yet, you can’t keep playing at this surface level. Not in your work and not in your life overall. You are ready to Say, Do and Be all that you are meant to. 


Maybe you’re scared of how this will all play out, wondering if your business or relationships will suffer if you genuinely surrender to your fullest voice. 


Maybe you’re telling yourself stories that you aren’t expert enough about communication and relationship to trust your own voice in this way.


Maybe you're afraid you’ll make a mistake you can’t take back or fix if you really release the reins on your expression.


You console yourself by saying “It’s just an ego desire anyway. Who am I to think my voice matters this much?” 

…and goodness knows you can get caught up in believing these stories at times.

(But the call to share your voice in all of its fullness comes back, because…
well, you were made for this.)


Kara Loewentheil
Master Coach & Host of the UnF*ck Your Brain podcast

I’ve been coaching clients mostly 1:1 for over twelve years on messaging, speaking and thought leadership – and it’s been amazing.  

While 1:1 coaching is great, it has its limitations. It’s deep work but it is inherently less dimensional without having others in the mix to ask questions and allow you to get coaching by proxy in group sessions (some of the best coaching available is when someone else is actually getting the coaching and you are just there to witness).  

And honestly, there is something really magical that happens when a small group of women come together to release the patriarchal brainwashing that has taught us all that our voice doesn’t matter much. The impact and support we build when we are on a mission together is exponential. And this is so important because…

Your  voice matters  so much.

That's why I created:

This 6-month mastermind is a combination course plus tons of deep support sharing your voice in the way you’ve been wishing you could for so long. You’ll do this in beautiful connection with a small group of women like you who know that their voices are meant to shine brighter and bolder.  

This is like no mastermind or group program you’ve seen before. I won’t define your path ahead of time – you’ll create that path within our container. I’ll guide you through the process step-by-step to make sure you are building a plan that feels amazing for your life and work desires. And of course, I’ll bring everything I’ve learned about how to dissolve those barriers that have been getting in the way of your fullest expression. 

This is a life, work and relationship-changing experience – the most important that I’ve done in my lifetime. I can’t wait to support you in this.

We begin May 2, 2022. Investment is $6,000 for 6 months mastermind coaching plus retreat, travel not included. Payment plan available.

(This is an application only group. Before anybody makes a commitment we’ll have a conversation to make sure this is a fit.)

What's included in this mastermind:

Your Sacred Voice course – taught live by Michelle. This course is the foundation of the path to your full freedom expression.

In this foundation course we'll cover:

  • Personal Intimacy – how to know what you really want to say

  • Embracing Worthiness – connecting with the powerful knowing within you

  • Releasing Patriarchy – understanding where your old rules and barriers came from so we can release them and embrace the ones you love

  • Creating a plan for your Unleashed Adventure!

Five 1:on:1 Sessions with Michelle

Our one-on-one coaching sessions can be used to support you however is needed in the moment, which can look like:

  • Mapping out your upcoming keynote, TedX Talk or webinar talk
  • Creating your Rooftop Message Talk (a.k.a your Signature Talk)
  • Refining your Podcast guesting outreach strategy
  • Coaching to support you in releasing any barriers to saying what you really want to say
  • Support with outlining your next book
  • …and more!

Two virtual circle coaching sessions per month.

This journey is about you feeling fully supported as you share your voice in a new, exciting, courageous way. 

Our coaching sessions will be a powerful part of dissolving the barriers and releasing the old habits that block your most authentic, powerful expression. 

Bring your questions, challenges, celebrations and fun ideas – we’re here to cheer you on and help you live into the fullness of who you are meant to be. 

Sessions will be recorded so you don’t have to miss a thing when you can’t attend live.

Intimate Circle of Community

We are here for you and each other when you need us through our facebook group. Hop in and ask a question or share a celebration and let your circle of support cheer you on, share ideas and generally remind you that you are not alone on this adventure!

Michelle or one of our team members will be in the group every weekday at least twice (usually more often!) to ensure you get questions answered and send you love and inspiration regularly.

Surprise Guests & Sessions

This journey is about honoring and releasing Your Sacred Voice. 

We have amazing guides, leaders and mentors on things like sacred rituals, releasing fear, embodied connection and other delights – all in support of your pleasure and freedom of expression. 


Sessions will be recorded so you can revisit them or watch later if you have to miss them.

BONUS: Access to a library of self-study programs to support your unique goals

Michelle has created a remarkable library of self-study programs to support clients in their greatest expression. Whether you want to craft your Rooftop Message Talk, book more speaking gigs, create an online course quickly or work on the elements of your business messaging and marketing (and more!), we’ve got a program for you! Free access to any programs that support your goals! 


…To deepen connection and bring extra delight to this new life of full freedom expression – in beautiful Asheville, NC

We will spend two days together in delightful retreat, sharing insights and rituals – and enjoying amazing food and meaningful conversation. 

Tentative dates for September 21 – 23, 2022.


(Lodging & travel not included)

We begin May 2, 2022. Investment is $6,000 for 6 months mastermind coaching plus retreat, travel not included. Payment plan available.

(This is an application only group. Before anybody makes a commitment we’ll have a conversation to make sure this is a fit.)


Michelle is one of the best coaches I’ve ever worked with in any field. You’re going to get unbelievable expertise, somebody who is incredibly thoughtful and smart, and is going to care deeply.

Melanie Vetter

During our six months together,
you will:

Reveal your own Sacred Voice and release the barriers to expressing yourself with confidence and conviction.

Transform the way you think about sharing your ideas on social media, in writing, on podcasts, with your partner – everywhere.

Share your personal stories with delight and care – using them to light up the stage or your next podcast interview or conversations with your teenagers. Every context is brightened and made more powerful with great storytelling.

See speaking, writing, sharing your voice in a whole new light! Releasing the hold that fear, anxiety and “playing small” have had on your greatest impact and most fulfilled life and work.

Create your Unleashed Adventure for the 6-months we are together. You will decide in what areas of your life and/or work that you most want to release your authentic powerful voice then make a plan for how to consistently take action. This might be:


  • Craft your Rooftop Message Talk, offer to speak many places and focus your coaching on becoming the most powerful speaker possible.  
  • Create your own Podcast, including mapping out content for the next 6 months, recording episodes, getting feedback, sharing your podcast everywhere. 
  • Setting boundaries and deepening relationships with your family, including getting crystal clear what YOU want and then sharing that clearly without apology, and enforcing your requests with clear, compassionate communication.
  • Create a social media “Visibility Plan” that is exciting and genuine to you and what you want to say.
  • Write your book! And share about it as you go, bringing your audience along with you,creating excitement and engagement. 
  • So many other options! Think Life Coaching + Business Coaching all through the lens of your gorgeous, Sacred Voice!

Finally Say, Do and Be in the way you have deeply (and maybe secretly) always known you are meant to. 

Enjoy life and work in FULL FREEDOM of expression and contribution!

We begin May 2, 2022. Investment is $6,000 for 6 months mastermind coaching plus retreat, travel not included. Payment plan available.

(This is an application only group. Before anybody makes a commitment we’ll have a conversation to make sure this is a fit.)

Program Curriculum:

Month One: Your Sacred Voice Course + Unleashed Adventure Plan

In this foundation month, we meet more often to introduce you to a whole new way of seeing your voice and expression, get clarity on your goals for our time together and create an exciting Unleashed Adventure plan.

Month Two: Experimenting with Abandon

This is where your Unleashed Adventure Plan gets into action! You’ll create those social posts and share them. Or craft that Rooftop Message Talk and begin offering it to speaking events. Or get your book outlined or chapters written or whatever is the next big set of actions to take. Maybe your adventure is about communicating with your partner or kids – you’ll start sharing and learning. All of this with full support (including training where we have it available, which is LOTS of these topics!) from Michelle and our sacred circle. 

Month Three: Storytelling in YOUR voice

Stories are a powerful way to make your point, create connection, and motivate others. Whether you want to deepen your connection with your partner or light up a room from the stage, you’ll learn how to tell stories that inspire the outcomes you want – in your voice, your style, your way. And of course, you’ll practice sharing those stories – because that’s what we are doing in this unique circle we create.

Month Four: Releasing Barriers to Full Freedom Expression

No matter how much you love sharing your ideas, desires, stories… we all come upon the edges of our expression. Maybe yours are in the personal realm – you stop yourself before getting truly intimate. Or possibly your edges show up in a “professional” context, where you can’t seem to say what you really want to say. This month is dedicated to dissolving those barriers and moving through those edges so you can feel what it’s like to really live in full expression.  

Month Five: Consistency YOUR Way

You get to decide what being “consistent” means to you. The important thing is, you have a brave space to make a promise to yourself and then practice keeping that promise day in and day out, with our support. This month is all about fine tuning and making clear what consistent full freedom expression means to you. 

Month Six: Your Unleashed Life and Work

By this time, you will have done so much courageous sharing of your voice. You will have learned what you enjoy and want to keep – and also what does’t work for you and therefore want to let go. During this culminating month together, we will do a whole lot of clarifying, reflection, connection and insight – and celebration of course! You will move forward with a whole new relationship with your voice and the power of your authentic expression! 

Bonus: In-Person  Retreat
in beautiful Asheville area of NC.

We will gather in person to connect and share in some beautiful rituals together.

Think of this as a personal retreat that will fuel and inspire your greatest expression. We’ll check in on your Unleashed Adventure, get a good amount of coaching time, share some meaningful conversation and growth sessions, all in a beautiful place with healthy, delicious food.

You will handle your own travel and accommodations, though we will provide suggestions to make it easy for you. Breakfast and lunch will be provided every day. We will share one dinner together then you will have the other evenings to make plans and enjoy your retreat time as you wish.

Asheville in Spring is gorgeous.
Tentative dates are September 21 – 23, 2022. 

BONUS: Access to any self-study programs or masterclasses Michelle has created that will support your Unleashed Adventure!!


The Speaker You’re Meant to Be


The Message You Came to Share


Create Your Online Course Quickly


Book the Best Speaking Gigs


Made for This


Create Great Videos


Releasing Fear


So many more!

We begin May 2, 2022. Investment is $6,000 for 6 months mastermind coaching plus retreat, travel not included. Payment plan available.

(This is an application only group. Before anybody makes a commitment we’ll have a conversation to make sure this is a fit.)


Grace Kraajvanger


Being accountable to Michelle, the program, and the other women kept me active and engaged. I’m part of about 3 other online programs right now and I’m way behind because I didn’t have the level of accountability that this course has. I liked Michelle’s vulnerability and fear she showed us, it was super important for us to see you’re going through what we are.

Gayle Canton

I want you to know, I've been in this  same place you are.

I had to start with myself before I could share more about this with anyone else. How was I going to move forward in my own speaking, coaching and relationships with this new powerful insight?

So I started little by little sharing more about my personal life, stories that I’d never shared before, things I was afraid of. I began saying “I don’t know” more often with my kids. I asked for what I wanted in my friendships and marriage in new ways. No strategy or trying to get it right, just genuine expression for the sake of saying what I really wanted to say. 

It was scary at first. I definitely got some perplexed looks and comments from family and on social media on occasion. Clients were visibly surprised by some of the stories and experiences I shared with them, and the new way I was talking about speaking and visibility. 

But mostly, people told me how much they loved learning more about who I am underneath my “expert” facade. They thanked me for being vulnerable and told me it was inspiring for them. They wished they had the courage to share more, too.

And in my friendships, I noticed how much closer and more supported I felt. Even sharing with my teenage daughters in a deeper way, with so much less fear whether they could “handle it”, made our relationships richer.

Most importantly, as I began to share what I was learning and seeing about this unleashed approach to sharing my voice with clients, they began to experiment with their own edges, too. 

They share a true story from their lives just because it feels meaningful to them and people come out of the woodwork to comment that they have felt the same way. This genuine connection inspires conversations that make work feel richer – and beautiful new client conversations result, too.   

Oh, I still have my moments of fear. I fall back on old habits of fancy, shiny sharing – but I can feel the difference almost immediately now and I just can’t ever go back. I have a whole new GPS system and it feels so right and good. 

It takes courage to be the person you were born to be in this lifetime – and this is a deep part of that call. And yet, there’s really nothing else to do, is there?

When you're called, you're called.

And you were called to use your voice in big, beautiful ways. That's why you're here.

The only thing left to do is get the support you deserve to finally step into this next phase of your journey in sharing your most surrendered, powerful voice. 

I’m happy to say that my business is easier and more satisfying than ever, my friendships are deeper than I dreamed possible and I feel so much gratitude for seeing the power of sharing my own voice with this kind of clarity, confidence and genuine expression. It’s hard to describe how amazing it feels to watch this same experience come to life for my clients as well.

And I want the same for you.

We begin May 2, 2022.

(This is an application only group. Before anybody makes a commitment we’ll have a conversation to make sure this is a fit.)

Join us in Unleashed



6 months of coaching and support


3 x 1:1 sessions with Michelle


Surprise Guests on topics that will fill your heart and move your forward


6 months of support inside the Unleashed Circle


BONUS:  Access to a whole library of  self-study programs, as needed


BONUS: In-Person Retreat!


Lifetime access to all recordings



(payment plans available)


We begin May 2, 2022. Investment is $6,000 for 6 months mastermind coaching plus retreat, travel not included. Payment plan available.

(This is an application only group. Before anybody makes a commitment we’ll have a conversation to make sure this is a fit.)

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time will this take per week?

The beautiful thing about this mastermind is that you will be applying what you learn as you go about your usual life and work. As for dedicated time for our group sessions, working through content (depending on how many self-study programs you choose from the library, and connecting in our Community Circle private facebook group, I’d estimate 2-3 hours per week. Lovely hours of deep and good work.

How fast can I expect to see results?

One of my favorite parts of this work is that big change can show up in an instant. Seeing something new about your desires, how you want to communicate, the power of releasing your voice can happen in any  moment, repeatedly! So the answer is: FAST! Even better, it’s long-lasting – these aren’t “skills” you will have to practice over and over to “memorize” – these are insights you will tap into as you see more about who you are and what you are meant to say, do and be in this lifetime.

I don’t use facebook. Will this still work for me?

We’ve tried using other platforms for the community aspect of programs, and none seem to work as well as Facebook. We do share the important reminders and elements of the program via email and we meet for sessions on zoom, so you absolutely have access to content and connection without Facebook. Previous clients have created Facebook accounts for the sole purpose of this group and then deleted the accounts – possibly that would work for you as well.

I’ve done a lot of work on communication, marketing and speaking. I’m concerned this will be repeating what I’ve learned. Will this still work for me?

I love that you’ve been committed to learning how to be more effective in these important areas of life and work. This program is different than any learning program you’ve ever seen anywhere. It’s less about “best practices” (though Michelle will always share what she knows if it will help – and you have access the many learning courses too!) and more tapping into your own fullest expression, using your Sacred Voice and dissolving the barriers to this being your new way of life and work. We are confident this will be a totally new way of seeing your voice, speaking, communication and what you are meant to say and do!

I’m already a member of Made for This Collective. How is this different?

Made for This Collective is an implementation support program (and a wonderful one at that!) The focus there is on supporting you in consistently sharing your voice and leadership every day as a thought leader, using best practices and a leadership mindset. This mastermind is a deeper, more intimate exploration and re-imagination of who you are and how you share your voice in every area of your life. You will create a whole Unleashed Adventure and then be supported by Michelle and our Unleashed Circle in living into that adventure! They are entirely different levels of support, connection and transformation.

Will you be running this program in the future?

I’m hoping this program becomes at least an annual offering for our business. Since this is the first round, we are offering it at what feels like a Hell Yes price point and excited to see our circle flourish! Assuming all goes well, we will run it again – but I’m  not sure when.

What kind of support can I get if I get stuck?

This is an intimate, high-level mastermind program. You will have direct access to Michelle through the zoom sessions, in the facebook group and at the live retreat. For technical issues and other administrative questions, we have a fabulous tech expert and client concierge who will be there to support you in any way you need. Michelle is also lucky to have amazing colleagues and friends with incredible expertise in so many areas so if we notice you need help, we are going to do whatever we can to support you. This is a big beautiful container of support and love we are creating!

Is there a community with this product?

YES! And it is one of the very best parts. There is just nothing like surrounding yourself with other women who are on a mission to release the barriers to their most authentic, powerful voice and shine their light right alongside you. And, not to brag, but we have the most wonderful women in our larger community which means we gather beautiful souls in our masterminds – friendships and collaborations are often created that last years to come.

What’s the mastermind schedule?

Since this is a brand new version of this mastermind and Your Sacred Voice course, we will be creating the videos as we go. All of those foundations videos will be release within the first month of our time together. Of course, we will then coach around every concept in that course during our foundations month. Generally speaking, our sessions are on Tuesdays and Wednesdays but our schedule varies at times. We always give you ample time for planning. Our in-person retreat this year is tentatively planned for September 2022 in the Asheville area of North Carolina.

Can I invite my friend to join me in this program?

OF COURSE!! This kind of transformation work deepens relationships in amazing ways! Also, beautiful new friendships are often a bonus part of our programs. We tend to attract the most wonderful souls.

What if it’s not what I expect? Can I get a refund?

This Unleashed Circle is more than just a group program or course – it’s a container we create together for doing big, meaningful work in the world and in your personal life. To honor this, we do not give refunds after 24 hours following our first zoom session. If you join Unleashed and decide within 24 hours after our first zoom session together that this isn’t for you, we will give you a full refund. After that, we do not offer refunds. I can’t imagine this happening, but want you to know you have this opportunity to see how the group feels.

We begin May 2, 2022. Investment is $6,000 for 6 months mastermind coaching plus retreat, travel not included. Payment plan available.

(This is an application only group. Before anybody makes a commitment we’ll have a conversation to make sure this is a fit.)

About Your Course Instructor

Michelle Barry Franco is the speaker coach to founders, leaders, celebrities and well-known thought leaders across the world. From TEDx stages to the most exciting keynote addresses in any industry, she’s had the honor of helping hundreds of brilliant people turn their stories and expertise into talks that change lives and inspire positive action. Her greatest devotion is to helping you share your voice, story and message with clarity and conviction – and have an amazing time doing it. She created Unleashed: The Mastermind to expand the work of releasing your voice with full freedom into every area of your life.

Join us in Unleashed



6 months of coaching and support


3 x 1:1 sessions with Michelle


Surprise Guests on topics that will fill your heart and move your forward


6 months of support inside the Unleashed Circle


BONUS:  Access to a whole library of  self-study programs, as needed


BONUS: In-Person Retreat!


Lifetime access to all recordings


$6000 including in-person retreat

(travel & lodging not included). Payment plans available. 

(payment plans available)


We begin May 2, 2022.

(This is an application only group. Before anybody makes a commitment we’ll have a conversation to make sure this is a fit.)


Doing the live session and getting Michelle’s feedback during it, it became apparent how much of an expert she is at this. Michelle is a magnet for a great group of women and that’s a testament to who she is!

Rachel Anzalone


Having Michelle Barry Franco as an expert coach and collaborator has transformed my ability to communicate with authenticity and passion.

Dina Sorensen

The Application

We are so excited you are interested in joining Unleashed: The Mastermind! This is going to be an extraordinary experience, unlike any mastermind or group program you’ve been a part of before. 

We want to be sure this is a good fit for you and for everyone involved. Please answer the following questions.

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