I'm so thrilled that you are giving yourself this gift. Honestly, this is the most important training I offer. This may be surprising to hear, but the truth is, we can have all the training and expertise in the world, but if we aren't able to take powerful ACTION with that expertise, then we only feel worse about ourselves. That's absolutely how it was for me… this first video below, I tell my own story. I hope it helps you feel less alone – and hopeful, too! Because my whole life is different now, thanks to this IF Today… Practice.

I want so much for you to have the kind of freedom that this practice has brought for me and many of my clients. The 10-minute video below talks you through the IF Today… Practice in detail.

Before you hit “Play” on that video, DOWNLOAD and print this worksheet. You will use it as you go through the process and this is the worksheet I talk you through in this video. 

Then, when you have that worksheet in front of you, click PLAY on this video and get ready to create your own life-changing IF Today… Practice.

Remember, this is a practice… which means it will get easier and you will find your own flow with it over time, as with any practice.

It has been my experience that this practice can help create the kind of inner freedom that allows you to finally step into the speaker, leader… and person you have always known you are meant to be. 

Over the next five days, you will receive inspiration and support from me to help you make the most of this practice. So, watch for those emails in your inbox.

I am so excited to see you out there in the world sharing your stories, lessons learned and expertise in way that changes lives – and allows you to meet yourself at the edges of your own brilliance. We've always known you were meant for this ❤️